Royal Expert Weighs In On King Charles’ Decision To Neglect Son Prince Harry In Favor of David Beckham

Royal Expert Weighs In On King Charles' Decision To Neglect Son Prince Harry In Favor of David BeckhamKing Charles and Prince Harry just pressed pause on the whole healing the rift thing with their latest interactions, or lack thereof.

The King was too busy to spare a few moments for his son Harry, and Harry reportedly declined staying at a royal residence during his brief UK visit to celebrate Invictus Games’ 10th anniversary.

Robert Jobson Calls King Charles’ Latest Snub of Son Prince Harry “Ironic”

For all three days Prince Harry was in the UK, he didn’t get an opportunity to meet the King. Guess who did get an opportunity to meet King Charles? Football legend David Beckham!

But if you asked Jobson, the King cannot be blamed for choosing not to meet Harry during his latest visit.

He said: “But really, who can blame him? Harry and his wife Meghan have made a fistful of dollars carping on about his family’s supposed inadequacies and failings.”

He continued, writing for The Sun, “It means Charles and Harry’s once close bond has evaporated. So His Majesty’s decision to meet David Beckham — a long-standing supporter of the Royal Family who queued for hours with the public to pay last respects to the late Queen — and not his son, speaks volumes.”

Given that Harry allegedly refused to see David Beckham at the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney, it’s maybe “ironic” that things should play out the way it did.

The New York Times bestselling author added that Harry’s relationship with Beckham dissolved over the perceived snub: “The once-warm relationship was reported to have come under strain over claims the Prince refused to see Becks at the Invictus Games in Sydney.”

Jobson then praised the monarch for placing his duties above family matters, “Ultimately, Charles’s decision to avoid meeting Harry was not only understandable but arguably prudent too. It reflects a monarch’s discerning judgment to prioritise public duty over private matters.”

Prior to Harry visiting the UK, many have speculated that he would drop in to see his old man. If he had done so, it would be the second time he’s seen his father since he was diagnosed with cancer.

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