Meghan Markle’s Similarities To Wallis Simpson Revealed

Meghan Markle's Similarities To Wallis Simpson RevealedFollowing Meghan and Harry’s tour of Nigeria, experts are saying that the duo have fulfilled some kind of exiled royal prophecy because the abdicated King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson also carried out what was termed “faux royal tours” during their own time.

This Senior Royal Bestowed Meghan Markle A Title That Compares Her To Wallis Simpson

According to reports, Philip is said to have given Meghan the nickname Meghan “D.O.W” in a nod to Wallis’ Duchess of Windsor title following her wedding to Edward in 1937.

In a chat on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show, Historian Gareth Russell observed that there are similarities between former American actress Meghan and the American socialite, Wallis Simpson, who was the reason Edward VIII abdicated his position as King.

Apart from Meghan inspiring Harry to leave royal life behind for a different one in America, Russell noted that Meghan wants “to be the star of the monarchy” like Wallis before her. He also claimed Wallis “loathed her sister-in-law.”

“Allegedly Prince Philip made the comparison [with Meghan] and he had met Wallace,” the author said. “One of the things that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor Edward and Wallis did in the 1930s, 40s and 50s is these very controversial quasi-Royal tours, not royal tours.”

“They were wined and dined, did a couple of things in America like the Sussexes, they did have tours that aren’t tours that rubbed the Royal Family up the wrong way.”

He said that Meghan’s resemblance to Wallis depends on the author you’re talking to. “I think Wallis Simpson has two kinds of personalities depending on which author you’re listening to and in many ways they are the same as we ascribe to Meghan.”

“Wallis is either presented as someone who was ambitious, loathed her sister-in-law, wanted to be the star player in the monarchy, was very, very difficult to work for and essentially moved Edward away from being a working member of the royal family.”

It comes after royal author, Bedell Smith, pointed out that Meghan shares the same “narcissistic and controlling” qualities as Wallis earlier this year.

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