Meghan Markle’s Comeback Declared To Be In A Slump Due To Falling Popularity In USA

Meghan Markle's Comeback Declared To Be In A Slump Due To Falling Popularity In USALet’s just say Prince Harry and Meghan Markle started this year strong with the launch of their latest brand,, complete with a coat of arms for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

However, while Prince Harry’s popularity in America is fighting to catch up with Prince William and Princess Kate – America’s favorite royals – Meghan Markle’s appear to be backsliding instead.

Meghan’s Approval Rating Dips To One After She and Harry Embarks On Rebrand Journey

On behalf of Newsweek, Redfield & Wilton asked a representative sample of 1,500 adults to share their views on the British Royal Family.

While Princess Kate easily enjoyed a comfortable rating, Meghan merely stayed in the positive with a +1 rating. This marks a rather significant drop for the former actress who enjoyed a +15 rating just last December.

This shows that there’s been a decline in support for the controversial Duchess, who has strived to market her royal connections, along with her husband Harry, as much as possible since she left the Royal Family in 2020.

By contrast, Harry, who recently dropped the second part of his Invictus docuseries on Hulu, enjoyed an approval rating of +26. His three-point drop put him just shy of Prince William, whose own approval rating was impressively +31.

America’s favorite living royal, of course, remains the Princess of Wales, who was liked by 45 percent and disliked only by 10 percent, giving her a net approval rating of plus 35.

Meghan’s slump comes as the 42-year-old Duchess held talks with major Hollywood players, in bid – according to sources – to build her own lifestyle empire, the likes of which will rival Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Martha Stewart’s.

While her popularity plummets, PR expert Lynn Carratt opined that her team in WME “will be advising her on the type of work to take, but I firmly believe they need some strong PR support to ensure they doing to right things to enhance their popularity and change public perception.”

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