GH Spoilers Friday, June 14: Gio’s Pitch, Kristina’s Questions, Elizabeth’s Worries

GH Spoilers Friday, June 14: Gio’s Pitch, Kristina’s Questions, Elizabeth’s WorriesGeneral Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates for Friday, June 14 tease someone makes a pitch, someone has questions, and someone is worried.

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Gio Palmieri (Giovanni Mazza) makes a pitch, Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) has questions, and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) confides her worries.

Drew Cain’s Shock

Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) comes bursting into Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) office and seems shocked, wanting to know what the hell was that?

Nina seems not so worried, as a matter of fact she’s downright nonchalant. Drew’s acting like he heard an explosion or something and Nina’s not the least bit worried.

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Nina seems like she’s not surprised at all and as if she’s about to say she’s had an “I told you so” moment. Perhaps she’s read Adrian De Witt’s (Dieterich Gray) clickbait piece in the Invader?

Gio’s Pitch

Elsewhere, Gio makes a pitch for an idea to Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) but Trina tells him she can’t make any promises.

There was some talk about his playing his violin at the Jerome Art Gallery, but she’d have to run it by Ava Jerome (Maura West) first.

Perhaps he has another idea to add onto the first pitch-either way, Trina doesn’t get the final say. Music and art do go hand in hand sometimes and it is a great idea.

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Josslyn Jacks Gives Her Opinion

In the meantime, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) chimes in with her opinion and says she kind of loves it, with a big smile.

The three are getting better acquainted and Gio’s making friends with Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) as well.

It’s about time Port Charles had some pleasant experiences after the trauma that’s happened for the last few months.

A classical violinist would add some more class to the gallery, there’s no doubt. Perhaps even a wine tasting amongst an art exhibit would make things stand out!

Kristina’s Questions

Kristina is putting her and Molly Lansing-Davis’ (Kristen Vaganos) mom Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) in a bad position as she asks her mother legal questions.

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She wants to know what would happen to the baby if Molly and TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) split up.

Alexis tells her not to ask her to-likely meaning not to ask her to be put in the position of being in the middle of her daughters.

Alexis didn’t think it was a good idea either but Molly, TJ and Kristina agreed on Kristina being their surrogate with Kristina’s egg at the time. This is turning into Alexis’ worse nightmare very quickly!

Elizabeth’s Worries

Elsewhere, Elizabeth, in tears, confides her worries about Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and his drinking to his brother, Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) who’s just as worried.

She explains her breakup with his brother as she tells him she can’t subject her children to what’s happening with Finn right now.

It’s bad enough that Jake Webber (Hudson West) saw what was happening and tipped Elizabeth off, with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) having to intervene.

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Paramount to both Chase and Elizabeth as well as Brook Lynn Chase (Amanda Setton) is Violet Finn’s (Jophielle Love) safety. Will something happening to Violet be Finn’s wake up call?

Finn Is Startled By Violet

In the meantime, Finn is at home on the couch looking like perhaps he’s getting ready to drink some more when Violet sneaks up on him and shocks him, saying “Daddy”?

He looks like he’s bending over to reach something when she approaches, perhaps a glass or a bottle.

This isn’t what Finn thought would happen-he didn’t want Violet to see him in such an out-of-control state.

Finn is determined, but for what-to keep his secret from Violet, or to get himself under control for her sake? 

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