Body Language Expert Talks Meghan Markle’s “Cuddle” Behavior Around Nacho Figueras’ Family

Body Language Expert Talks Meghan Markle's “Cuddle” Behavior Around Nacho Figueras' FamilyMeghan Markle stepped out with her husband Prince Harry for a polo sporting event in Palm Beach, where he filmed a new segment of his documentary about the sport.

Netflix cameras were said to trail the couple as they shared warm kisses with each other and “joyful” hugs with friends.

Meghan Markle’s “Rare Illustration” of Friendship Coincides With New Netflix Show On “Friendship”

Meghan Markle is bringing her friendship A-game after news emerged the Duchess was working on a new series for Netflix.

During the game, Meghan had the good fortune to reunite with her dear friend Delfina, an Argentine model who is married to Harry’s longtime friend, Nacho Figuerras.

Speaking on Meghan and Delfina’s interaction at the game, body language expert Judi Dench explained: “‘The joys of friendship’ is said to be one of Meghan’s new Netflix shows so this body language display seems to coincide nicely with the theme.”

She continued, “Meghan is known for her tactile displays and PDAs with Harry and people she supports or meets with her campaigns and causes but this is a rare illustration of her non-verbal behaviour in a more friendship-based role.”

“As she approaches Nacho’s wife Delfina for a hug she extends her arms fully and holds them out rigidly in an announcement or intentional ritual that suggests intense warmth.”

She then noted that Meghan’s over-the-top display of affection mimics that of a small child “asking to be picked up and cuddled.”

Apart from the cuddly hug, the pair continued to display friendship signs as they strolled together around the filming location in Palm Beach, Florida.

She went on: “Their smiles aren’t visible to each other but both look reflective and, as Meghan might say, ‘Joyful’. Their heads lean together in a gesture of trust and like-minded thinking and their arms are round each other’s torsos.”

Meghan also displayed warm signs of friendship with other members of Nacho’s family, like when she wrapped her arms around their daughter and kissed her head.

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