90 Day Fiancé: Alum Stephanie Matto Spills Scandal On Why She Was Canned From Nanny Job By Pro Athlete

Stephanie Matto of 90 Day Fiancé fame recently hopped on TikTok to spill some scandalous tea on why she was fired from her nanny post, working for a pro athlete’s family back in the day. She made sure to note she wasn’t revealing “all the details” as she did sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Alum Stephanie Matto Tell-All TikTok

She started her video by stating she was the “perfect candidate” for the family, at the time. As she was attending acting school, she was able to pick up the pro athlete’s daughter from her private school in the afternoon and bring her to the family’s home in the Upper West Side of New York.

Stephanie also revealed in the TikTok that the family needed someone who could play the piano and was bilingual, and she filled these check marks.

90 Day Fiancé: Alum Stephanie Matto Spills Scandal On Why She Was Canned From Nanny Job By Pro AthleteThe 33-year-old notes that the family “immediately” hired her, and the job seemed very “routine”. The former 90 Day Fiancé alum was also clear to state that the child she was taking care of was “well-behaved”; however, the one strange thing about it all was the dad.

She notes that she and the girl’s father rarely interacted, other than the odd occasion of him being home during her nanny shift.

Still, during these infrequent encounters, the pro athlete did become more interested in her work and life. She reveals that when she told him she was in acting school, he replied, “I should have figured. You’re so beautiful.”

At the time, she took it as a compliment, but Stephanie states on the TikTok, she should’ve seen it as a red flag.

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Alum Stephanie Matto – Things Go From Bad To Worse

Matto states in the video that her famous pro athlete boss “pressed” his body against hers when he reached for a drawer in the kitchen, and she was preparing food for his daughter. Still, she states she tried to “brush it off” as something insignificant.

Stephanie goes on to say in the TikTok that as she doesn’t keep up with sports, she had no idea how famous her pro athlete employer was, but when she mentioned it to her stepfather, his “jaw dropped.”

Still, things turned from bad to worse when Matto got a new, but unknown Instagram follower, with a team logo as its picture.

She wasn’t familiar with the sports team logo, and the account began “sliding” into her DMs, telling her how beautiful she was and how they “wished” they could get a chance to get to know her.

90 Day Fiancé – Alum Stephanie Matto – The Confrontation

As her TikTok rolls on, Stephanie says she finally put “two and two together” when the dad came home during one of her shifts, wearing a hat with the logo from her new IG follower’s profile pic.

Matto adds that her heart sank into her stomach. She decided to confront the Instagram user and sent a message to them, saying, “If it is who I think it is, they need to stop.”

A couple of hours later, Stephanie noticed the IG follower, unfollowed her. Two days later, the family sent her a text message letting her know that they no longer required her nanny services.

Most people in the video’s comment section, which has reached over 830,000 views as of this writing, believe that the dad was the unknown IG follower, looking for a little action.

Stephanie did not reveal the name of the family but did wrap the video up by saying that since the experience, she’s never gone back to nannying for “rich people” again.

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