Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Opens Up About The End Of An Era For the Spanish Apartment Trilogy

YellowstoneYellowstone spoilers, news, and updates tease that one of its leading actors, Kelly Reilly, opened up about Cédric Klapisch’s Spanish Apartment trilogy. In an Instagram post, the actress said that the latest installment marks the end of an era.

“Twenty years ago, I got to work on a film called L’auberge Espagnole. Five years later, we all returned for Les Poupées Russes. Ten years ago, for Casse-tête Chinois,” the actress said in an Instagram post.

Yellowstone – Enthusiasts Are Eagerly Anticipating News Regarding The Resumption Of Season 5 Of The Hit Series On The Paramount Network.

She shared that they came back for Salad Grecque last year, which is out on Amazon Prime. She expressed her gratitude towards Klapisch for getting to work with him for several years.

“And to the actors I have been getting older with — what a total joy it’s been!” she added.

Reilley brought up the latest installment and said that they’re handing over the baton to the next generation, which she described as “luminous.”

In the midseason finale, Reilly’s character, Beth, colluded with her father John, played by Kevin Costner, to orchestrate the murder of her brother Jamie, portrayed by Wes Bentley.

Simultaneously, Jamie was secretly scheming with his lover Sarah (Dawn Olivieri) to eliminate John and Beth from the equation.

Speculations are circulating that the ongoing season of Yellowstone will mark the end of the series. Furthermore, an additional spin-off of the franchise featuring Matthew McConaughey as the protagonist has been confirmed.

Helen Mirren – Says Yellowstone Franchise Is An Examination Of American History

During an interview at an event for The Wrap, 1923 star Helen Mirren said that she considers the world of Yellowstone as an examination of American History.

She added that she doesn’t see it as a franchise and revealed that she hadn’t seen Yellowstone when she signed up for 1923. But she made it clear that she joined the cast because of Sheridan’s writing.

“I personally hadn’t seen a lot of Yellowstone, but mostly I jumped on board because of Taylor’s writing in his films that is so very, very good and it transpired that he is a brilliant writer. He really is,” she said.

“The scripts arrived as complete things that you didn’t want to change a word, you didn’t want to add anything, you didn’t want to take anything away. They were psychologically interesting to play, as an actor,” she continued.

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