Will Smith To Star As Genie In Aladdin’s Sequel Following Oscar Scandal

Will Smith To Star As Genie In Aladdin's Sequel Following Oscar ScandalThe star of “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” will be returning to our screens to reprise his role as Genie in the sequel of the Disney movie “Aladdin.” Yesss, it’s been confirmed that Will Smith will be playing the Genie character once again.

This would be the first movie the “King Richard” actor would be filming since the infamous Oscar slap of 2022.

Will Smith – On Will Smith Playing Genie In “Aladdin 2”

A source close to the situation told “The U.S. SUN” exclusively that the actor has done a lot of work on himself since the Oscars incident, therefore, it is expected that the world would have forgotten all about Smith’s action at the Oscars after watching Aladdin 2.

“This would be one of the first movies Will has shot since the Oscars slap and it is quite surprising, given that it will be for a kids’ film. He has done a lot of work on himself and the consensus is that it will all be very much in the past by the time the movie is released.”

The first part of the Aladdin which is the real live adaptation of the Disney cartoon was released in 2019, and it was a huge hit, amassing $355.5 million domestic and $1.054 billion worldwide over its $180 million budget.

Due to how successful the 1st film was, all thanks to Smith’s part in the film, the insider explained that Disney wouldn’t want to cast someone else in place of Smith just because of his Oscars scandal.

“The first film was a huge success so it would be silly not to make another, and it would be a real shame to have to re-cast Will over what happened. So Disney is keen to stand by him and bring him back into the fold.”

“The Sun” also revealed that lead cast Mena Massoud, who played the character Aladdin, and his love interest Naomi Scott, who played the role of Jasmine, are very excited to return for the sequel.

The outlet revealed that last month, Mena said, “There was a change with the writers, and they are working on a new draft. If Aladdin 2 happens, that’s fantastic. It should happen. It’s not going to be based off the animated version. This is going to be a new original story.”

Will Smith – Infamous Oscar Scandal

Allow me to take you down memory lane a little. Last year, on March 27, 2022, at the Oscars 94 Annual Academy Award, Chris Rock was called up to deliver a speech and also give the “Best Actor” award to Smith for his role in King Richard.

When Rock came up, he made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett’s bald hair saying “Jada, I love you. G.I. Jane 2, can’t wait to see it, all right?” Everyone present laughed at the joke except Jada who didn’t find it funny because her shaved hair was as a result of a medical condition she has.

When Smith saw that his wife wasn’t laughing, he walked up to Rock and delivered a sounding slap to Rock while screaming “Keep my wife’s name out of your f–king mouth.” Smith, after going on to win the Best Actor award that same night, did not apologize to Rock for the slap.

Smith was given a decade ban for his action. Months later, he made a public apology to Rock for his actions but Rock haven’t replied yet. Smith also made a film titled “Emancipation” which was released on December 9.

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