Why Amy Duggar Didn’t Change Her Last Name

The Counting On spoilers reveals why Amy Duggar hasn’t changed her last name. She hates the family and she uses her surname King on occasion.

Fans wonder why she wants to latch onto the famous family. Keep on reading to learn more.

19 Kids And Counting – Is Amy King A Clout Chaser?

The user charcook89 took to the DuggarsSnark subreddit to share their brutally honest thoughts about Amy Duggar.

They called her a “clout chaser” who obsessively talks about the Duggars even though she doesn’t talk to them anymore.

Amy Duggar

She recently gave an interview with the Daily Mail where she shared her thoughts on Josh Duggar’s appeal being shot down.

“She acts like she is in high school gossiping about someone. And I saw her Tiktok about her running into Anna, she should have not shared that with the world.

As much as I can’t stand the Duggars (except for Jill), I respect them a little of how we don’t see them constantly running her name into the dirt,” the original poster argued.

Others took to the thread to share their thoughts. Most of them aren’t fans of Amy Duggar. Every time she does interact with the Duggars, she runs to TikTok to talk about it.

Some noted that Amy has a direct connection to Without a Crystal Ball, so she can spill more tea about the family.

The reason why fans call her “Famy” is because she’s always seeking fame through the Duggar name.

“Famy is Famy for a reason. She absolutely LOVES that she can talk about all of this. The rest of the world has moved on now that the turd is in prison.

Not Famy. She’s still going on and on. Interview with the Daily Mail? Pray for her? Barf,” one fan wrote.

Counting On Spoilers – Amy Duggar Doesn’t Drop Duggar Last Name

The Counting On spoilers hints why Amy Duggar hasn’t changed her name. This was brought up again on Reddit.

She changed her name to Duggar after they became famous. At the time, Jim Bob was the kind of father she looked up to since her own father abused her.

“Everyone gives her a lot of sh*t but her dad was an abusive POS and she was raised by her mother and grandparents, why shouldn’t she use her surname?

Why is it bad because it’s her mother’s? Or, because her uncle got famous?” one fan argued.

Amy’s father’s last name is Jordan. She changed hers to Duggar after 19 Kids and Counting. She wanted to use the name for recognition and to get away from her father’s name.

What are your thoughts on Amy using the Duggar name? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Counting On spoilers, news, and updates.

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