Jill Duggar Dillard Reflects On Her Life After A Heartbreaking Loss

Duggar family news and updates reveal Jill Duggar Dillard taking a moment to reflect hard on life after a tragic loss. This comes amid her busyness and joy with the upcoming release of her new book called Counting the Cost.

In an Instagram post, Jill Dillard shared some photos of flowers blooming in her garden and wrote, “As my heart breaks for my friends and others walking through such tragedy and loss (like I mentioned in my stories), I take my grief, pain and questions to Jesus today, and I remember his promises…that he promises to be near to the broken-hearted, that he will never leave us or forsake us.”

“In this sometimes crummy, fallen world, with the pain and hardships we all face, I am reminded of the contrasting hope that we have through Christ Jesus and the perfect bliss that awaits us with Him in heaven,” she added.

Jill Duggar

Jill Dillard – Lost A Friend To Cancer

Jill’s reflection about life came after she posted about the death of her friend, Heather Schisler, who succumbed to metastatic breast cancer. Heather revealed in May her diagnosis, less than a year after giving birth to her fourth child. Photos from her daughter’s first birthday showed her frail in a wheelchair and days later, she passed away.

“We have [known] each other for years and were in the same small group at church for several years. We were pregnant together last year and had our babes just a couple weeks apart,” Jill wrote as she shared the news on Instagram.

She tried to find solace in her Christian faith, reminding herself of the story of Lazarus and how Jesus still wept for him despite knowing that he would raise him from the dead just moments later.

Jill Dillard – Slammed For “Selling Out” Her Parents

Meanwhile, Jill’s followers are anticipating the release of her book, Counting the Cost, but one commenter isn’t happy about it. “Selling out your parents probably feels so fulfilling!” the troll wrote on Jill’s post comments. “My parents weren’t perfect either. How do I get a book deal to throw them under the bus?”

While Jill didn’t answer, other fans are quick to come to her defense. “They had no problem selling her out, did they? Let it go,” one wrote.

The book promises to share “the secrets, manipulation and intimidation behind the show that remained hidden from their fans.” It will hit bookstores on September 12.

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