TV Host Calls Meghan Markle Pinocchio Princess, Queen Camilla Thanks Them

British royal family news indicates that Queen Camilla allegedly complimented Piers Morgan on what many consider to be the most apt nickname for the Duchess of Sussex and Montecito, Meghan Markle.

In case you missed it, he labeled her Princess Pinocchio following her outrageous and discredited claims about her in-laws.

The latest juice about the royals is spilling from Meghan’s self-proclaimed “soul mate” Omid Scobie. He, like the Markles, is profiting off the royals by dishing dirt about them.

If that’s your cup of tea, his book Endgame drops Tuesday. Already the excerpts are hilarious.

TV Host Calls Meghan Markle Pinocchio Princess, Queen Camilla Thanks Them

Royal Family News: Omid Scobie’s Endgame

After Morgan questioned many of Meghan’s colorful claims against the royals he was fired and/or left as host of Good Morning Britain. Coincidence? Morgan doesn’t think so; he said he faced “mounting pressure to apologize after broadcast network ITV received complaints from Meghan.”

So he doubled down on his views and called her “Princess Pinocchio” according to the Daily Mail.

Morgan wrote in September 2021 that he “was reliably informed … that Meghan Markle wrote directly to my ITV boss Dame Carolyn McCall the night before I was forced out, demanding my head on a plate. What has the world come to when a whiny fork-tongued actress can dictate who presents a morning television news program.”

Royal Family News: Piers Morgan and ITV Scandal

Scobie now claims that Queen Camilla, who was trashed in Harry’s bio Spare, messaged Morgan to thank him for “defending the Firm.”

According to Scooby Doo, an anonymous royal insider told him that the family was grateful that “somebody was standing up” to Meghan’s outbursts.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle of Montecito

Harry and Meghan fled the kingdom in 2020 and it’s been downhill ever since. They have been so thoroughly shunned that Spotify dropped them, plus called them “f****** grifters” as a parting shot.

Today the couple are raising their son Prince Archie and daughter Princess Lilibet in Montecito, California. How far have they fallen? While in the royal family, pundits were quick to remark upon the “Markle Sparkle.”

These days they are called fabricators and grifters. Tell us royal fans, what do you make of the Markles—are they just misunderstood or are they two of the most filthy royals to walk the planet?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the royal family. Come back here often for royal family news and updates.

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