Prince Harry’s TREACHERY Labelled Worse than Omid Scobie’s

There’s a reason why rejection from a family member hurts far more than that of outsiders; it’s called family privileges.

And Harry seems to have overused his when he went on a rampage and relentlessly found new ways to demean his family.

Now, his brother Prince William could care less about his existence and is just concentrating on his role and his family.

But with every claim that is met with silence from the Royal Family, Harry grows frustrated and launches even more attacks.

Prince Harry's TREACHERY Labelled Worse than Omid Scobie's

These days, he’s said to have calmed down enough to try and work on his relationship with his family, but Scobie’s book might prove to be a setback.

Prince Harry Used “His Own Flesh and Blood” To “Line His Pockets”

Omid Scobie’s “Endgame” may contain some scathing claims, but Sarah Vine doubts it’s worse than Harry’s “treachery.”

Vine said: “The people he is using to line his pockets are his own flesh and blood. That is why his betrayal was like a dagger in the heart of the late Queen. It is also why he continues to be a great source of agony for his father, the King. And it is why his brother, the Prince of Wales, is rightly furious with him.”

“Harry has inflicted upon them all the very tortures he accuses others of inflicting on him. Yet still has the gall to cast himself as the victim,” she concluded

Since leaving the royal family in 2020, Harry’s main profession seems to be talking about his mental health – which he credits his family for damaging – and demeaning them and their contributions to his life.

Prince William Responds To Omid Scobie’s Claims In “Endgame”

Scobie, who is known for co-writing “Finding Freedom” with some help from Harry and Meghan, has decided to come forward with his own version of the royal rift.

In the book, he presented William as a power hungry heir who would feed his brother and his brother’s wife to the wolves to preserve his reputation.

Though if you asked me, William stayed put even amid all the backlash that came about as a result of his desire not to attend the women’s World Cup final, so I doubt he’s particularly that disturbed.

However, in a rare move, William has deigned to address this particular claim from Scobie, saying that he never leaked any stories about his brother to the press.

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