The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Why Joan Quit Show After Date With Gerry Turner

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal why Joan left after her date with Gerry Turner. Things were going well between the couple. However, a shocking turning of events encouraged her to leave the mansion. Keep on reading to learn more.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Joan Vassos Leaves The Mansion

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal that Gerry felt good about his one-on-one date with Joan. She ended up winning the talent show and his heart.

They had a sit-down dinner later that night. Joan admitted that she felt selfish about trying out for the reality dating competition. She didn’t want to leave her family behind.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Why Joan Quit Show After Date With Gerry TurnerThe following morning, Joan got a call from her daughter. She was about to give labor and had to undergo a C-section.

Joan learned that her daughter didn’t feel well after the surgery. Joan had to decide whether to pursue a relationship with Gerry or return home.

Joan told the producers that she had to be a mom first. The Golden Bachelor spoilers showed that Joan had to leave the mansion. Joan pulled him aside for a conversation.

She confessed through her tears that she had to return home to be there for her daughter. Joan felt guilty about being at the mansion but really wanted to get to know Gerry more.

“I got a text this morning and I think I need to go home and be a mom,” Joan explained. “So as much as I don’t want to leave and I don’t want to leave our journey I’ve got to home and be a parent.”

Gerry and Joan had a good cry together. He told her that he was “disappointed” but he understood her situation. Gerry woke up feeling good after their one-on-one date. He was looking forward to continuing their journey together.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Joan Vassos Faces Backlash

The Golden Bachelor spoilers also reveal that Joan faced backlash for her decision. Some fans think she wasn’t that interested in Gerry and wanted to get out of the mansion.

Other viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to make their thoughts known. They came up with possible theories as to why Joan left the mansion.

One fan even blamed Joan’s daughter. Even though they couldn’t hear her personal conversation, some are convinced that Joan’s daughter was “b*tching” at her mom to return home. Other fans wondered why Joan’s daughter needed her mother and not her husband.

“Sounds like the daughter has mommy issues. Unless she had a medical emergency but it didn’t sound like it or Joans would’ve said. Instead, it’s my daughter needs me likely bc she just had a baby & needs help,” one fan wrote.

“Ew. You could tell Joan’s daughter was really b******g at her on the phone and that’s why the producers didn’t air her voice.

Does her daughter not have a partner? Other family? Seems real selfish and I don’t think Joan wanted to go home,” another fan noted.

What are your thoughts on Joan leaving the mansion? Do you think she was interested in Gerry? Do you think her daughter is to blame? Sound off below in the comment section.

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