Snarkers Consider Savannah Chrisley Being Right About Crusty Prisons

Savannah Chrisley Soon after Chrisley Knows Best stars, Todd and Julie went to prison, Savannah Chrisley started complaining about run-down conditions in the federal facilities. In fact, she took up her cudgels and became very vocal. Meanwhile, a mostly snarker community on Reddit sprung up called r/ChrisleyKnowsPrison. This week, some of the members of the community started to wonder if Julie’s daughter is actually right about unacceptable conditions.

Savannah Chrisley – Becomes A Prison Reform Advocate

Firstly, the daughter of Todd and Julie fully believes that her parents are innocent of the tax and fraud-related charges that saw them convicted. At the moment, their legal team works on appealing both the tax charges and the fraud evidence. The USA Network alums started their appeal case. It’s a slow process, but they use a good legal rep named Alex Little from Burr & Forman. If you don’t know, they really hope to get their combined 19-year prison sentences overturned.

Meanwhile, Savannah Chrisley fights through the media and through her own podcast. Not only does she think her mom and dad should be back on TV, but she discovered that prison conditions are appalling. While she gets a lot of critics, it’s the first time she became aware that all is not well in federal facilities. A lot of people snarked about her efforts, but now, some of them reconsider.

Savannah Chrisley –  Prison Debate On Savannah Chrisley’s Fight

On July 6, u/Frosty_Plantain4265 posted on Reddit about a relative who went to federal prison. They wrote, “My ex step brother is in the Lexington prison that Julie is in. In the men’s side (obv) and from what I’m told the prison is absolutely gross and run down.”

It seems interesting to note that for once, the soap-on-a-rope and do-the-crime-serve-the-time comments seemed less frequent. Some responses suggested that people now think that there might be some merit to Todd’s daughter’s claims.

Snarkers Consider Savannah Chrisley Being Right About Crusty Prisons
u/Frosty_Plantain4265 / Reddit

Comments started arriving about Savannah Chrisley pushing for better conditions. Are snarkers having a rethink? One follower, u/iamladia said, “Maybe the women’s prison is as bad as Julie tells Savannah.”: Well, the poster replied to that comment, saying, “Yeah I definitely think it is! My aunt went to visit and she said it was disgusting.”

Savannah Chrisley – Some Folks Are Unmoved

Other people seemed to agree with Savannah Chrisley and this comment arrived from u/Lost-Coast-6457: “Julie definitely got the sh-t end of the stick. Their prisons should of been reversed. Or at least Julie go to pewee valley which is a all womens prison about a hour away (sic).”

However, there were still comments about the need to pay for crimes committed or even a suggestion that the prisoners should’ve used to fix up their own prisons.

What are your thoughts? Shout out in the comments below.

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