Savannah Chrisley Wants To Be Like Her Mom In Mother’s Day Shoutout

Savannah ChrisleyChrisley Knows Best alum Savannah Chrisley is extremely vocal about her mom and dad being imprisoned for so long. She has been left to cope with the emotional impact of their imprisonment. Plenty of times, she opened up about her struggles, admitting to a breakdown. With Todd and Julie imprisoned for so long – a combined 19 years, she dreads holidays. So, she put fans right on who her mother really is when Mother’s Day rolled around.

Savannah Chrisley  – Is Filled With Pain

At Easter, which also came close to her dad’s birthday, the former USA Network star seemed deeply sad. She told her followers how much she dreads holidays that other families celebrate. One thing that people should know, is that she is totally convinced that her parents were wrongly convicted for tax and fraud-related crimes. While they did file an appeal, it takes a long time, and there’s no guarantee it will work. So, the future looks bleak.

Savannah Chrisley is also upset because while she can communicate with her mom and dad, Todd and Julie can’t even call each other. The next time that Julie can speak to her husband will be when her seven-year sentence is completed. So, this Mother’s Day, Todd couldn’t call his wife. Actually, it must be really heartbreaking, even if people are guilty of their crimes. Also, imagine how young Chloe must struggle to cope with the separation.

Savannah Chrisley – Wants To be Like Julie Chrisley

Julie sits in a federal prison in Kentucky. Why would her daughter want to be just like her? Well, the answer is, that her child knows her better than an audience, a jury, or a judge. So on Mother’s Day, she wrote, “For those that have misconceptions of who JULIE CHRISLEY is… let me help you – SHE IS an OUTSTANDING mother, SHE IS and (sic) even more AMAZING wife, SHE IS an even better daughter.”

Savannah Chrisley Shouts Out Her Mom On Mothers Day

Savannah Chrisley carried on explaining Julie as she knows her. She added, “SHE IS one hell of a friend, SHE IS a woman of God, [and] SHE IS a breast cancer survivor.” Next, she talked about others who love her as a mom and she mentioned her mom’s loyalty. Finally, she ended by saying that her mom is “EVERYTHING that I hope to be,”

Savannah Chrisley – Chase Chrisley Reacts

It seems that the brother of Savannah Chrisley, Chase agrees with everything that she said. He arrived in the comments section and put up a heart. In the post, the speculation that her parents might consider divorce was also addressed. Apparently, they are devoted to each other, and their love grows stronger. Lindsie also posted a comment, saying, “Two folks obsessed with the others existence. Couldn’t agree more. ❤️”

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