Sister Wives: David Woolley’s Daughter Kati Weeps – Slams Tabloid

Sister Wives Sister Wives star Christine Brown is dating David Woolley and right now, his daughter Kati Charlene is weeping with pain and frustration after a tabloid wrote about her late mom. Other tabloids already wrote about the death of Margaret in February when her daughter revealed that her mom passed away after committing suicide. But this time, she’s angry and upset after further details came to light.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Dates David Woolley

As soon as TLC fans found out that Kody Brown’s former third wife was dating someone, sleuths set out to find out more. Anyway, on Valentine’s Day, she shared photos of him and confirmed that she lost her heart. Unfortunately, along with dating a reality TV star, comes attention from the tabloids. And now, David’s daughter Kati is really upset. Words are powerful and they can be used for good or they can twist things and that’s what upset Kati Charlene the most.

Sister Wives fans saw that Christine Brown fell really hard for David. In fact, she tends to gush over him. However, TLC fans know that she never really had the experience of dating a nice guy as a teenager. So, they cheer them on and hope like crazy that David’s good to her. Well, the inference in the newest article could be taken as suggesting he’s not a good guy.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans See Kati Charlene Cry Online

Back in February, TV Shows Ace reported that Kati took to her Instagram and revealed that her mom passed away from suicide. At the time, the outlet noted, “she…hopes people will be kind in talking about her mother and her family.” Additionally, “she concludes her video by saying she will continue to tell her mother’s story with the hopes of it preventing at least one suicide.” However, another outlet published a new story and it gave details that Kati feels were “twisted.”

Sister Wives David Wooley Daughter Kati Weeps - Slams Tabloid
Kati Charlene / Instagram

Sister Wives fans who follow  Kati were saddened when she shared a screenshot of an article. Plus, she cried online as she described her feelings. The Sun had written about her mom’s death and claimed they reached out to the kids for comment. According to Kati, she asked them not to run the story. But they did, and she’s really upset. In the article, they published bits and pieces of a suicide note. As Kati noted, her mom “was an addict,” So naturally, her mom was “in a dark place.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – A Twisted Story?

Sister Wives fans saw that Kati said, “I never thought I would cry on the internet. But here we are.” Then she used the hashtags “#grief”: and “#mentalhealthmatters.” Terribly upset, she spoke about how she felt the article “twisted the details into something that’s just not true.” Additionally, she described the story as a “gossip article.” 

Fans of Christine Brown felt sad for her because she said that it “sucks that someone chose to make money off my trauma.” One follower said, “So sad. I’m sorry. Go you for telling it like it is! We definitely need a change. More love❤️.” 

Meanwhile, others agreed that the article seemed a bit heartless, especially when it cited the desperate last hours of a woman who clearly needed help with her mental health while her husband David Woolley tried to locate her.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please contact the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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