Sister Wives Star Meri Claims She’s Gotten Out Of A Cage

Meri BrownMeri Brown from Sister Wives has a tendency to share inspirational quotes and uplifting messages on her social media accounts. Some viewers, however, have criticized her for coming across as overly positive or inauthentic. Despite such criticism, she does seem to be genuinely happy at the moment, having left Kody Brown. On the weekend, she shared some good advice that a lot of fans liked.

Sister Wives: Positive Meri Brown After London

Many TLC fans get irritated with the way Kody’s ex-first wife shares cryptic messages and bangs on about worthying up. After all, they feel that her past life showed her as anything but valuing her self-worth. Recall, she hung around her husband and fans thought that she hoped in vain for his attention. Actually, many people felt that she should get some personal pride and walk away. But, it was only when she was told to go that she moved to Parowan in Utah.

Sister Wives fans seem to mostly be softening their attitude towards her. Something seemed to happen with Meri when she visited London recently. She looks genuinely happy, fans think. Perhaps that break from Flagstaff has made her realize that life without Kody doesn’t need to be a drag. This weekend, she shared something that Nipsey Hussle said and followed it up with some inspiring words that resonated with followers.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Shares Positive Takeaways

When the TLC star took to her Instagram on the weekend, she shared about how she heard something that Nipsey Hussle said. Not quite recalling the exact words, she noted, “It was something to the effect of if you look at the people that are in your circle and you’re not getting inspired, then are you really in a circle? Then she asked if you are really “in a cage?”

Sister Wives Star Meri Claims She's Gotten Out Of A Cage
Meri Brown / Instagram

In her caption, the Sister Wives star said, “When I look back at some circumstances in my life, I realize all experiences brought me to where I am. I don’t regret [the] time I put into relationships and situations because I know I put in every ounce of effort.” Instead, she draws from her past experiences when moving into the future. And, it sounds like she’s done with living in a cage.

Getting Out Of That Cage?

Sister Wives fans who like Meri were inspired because she said, “I definitely…had times in my life where when I’m thinking about the things that I want to do, [but] I’m not feeling, like, expansive.” And then she added how she sometimes felt that she had to “shrink…to be able to fit into a certain circumstance or situation.”

Certainly in her video, she seems ready to embrace life without having to fit into anyone’s cage in the future.

One follower commented, “Love this and so so happy you have the freedom to find your circles!”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Kody’s ex is just happy that she can make her own new circles and live an unfettered life without him? Shout out in the comments below.

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