Jill Dillard Claims She Was Never Paid For Being On 19 Kids And Counting Or Counting On

Duggar Family Duggar Family News reveals that Jill Dillard is coming clean about the seasons that she was on her family’s television shows. She made an appearance on the new Amazon docu-series, Shiny Happy People and she tells all. She and her husband, Derick Dillard told the cameras some secrets and lies that have now come out about the Duggar family. Let’s find out what secrets Jill is spilling about her famous family.

Duggar Family News  – Did The Children Ever Get Paid?

According to Jill and Derick, none of the Duggar children ever got paid to be on the show. In the docu-series, Jill told the cameras, “I never received any payout- no check, no cash, no nothing.

For seven and a half years of my adult life, I was never paid.” 19 Kids and Counting premiered on TLC in 2008 after the Duggars were featured in a documentary on Discovery Health.

The show ran until it was canceled in 2015 after Josh Duggar admitted to sexually molesting young girls. Some of these girls were his sisters. Then he was called out for having sex with a woman that he met through the Ashley Madison website.

The show was picked up again when TLC wanted to focus more on the daughters. That was when Counting On came about.

Counting On was canceled when TLC got news that Josh had been arrested for possession of child pornography. He is currently serving time for this sentence and there are quite a few mentions of him in the docu-series as well.

Duggar Family News  – Birthing Rights On Counting On

When Jill and Derick got pregnant with their first child, she stated that the network wanted full rights to the birth. They wanted to be in the delivery room since births got the highest ratings.

When Jill opened up more about getting paid for the birth footage, she said, “They said they paid the family. ‘Paid the family’ means we don’t get anything at that point. They said, ‘Well, we paid your dad, so take it up with him.'”

While Jill and Derick were in El Salvador with a mission, TLC asked them to come back to film the show. They told them that they signed a contract prior to being asked. They didn’t want to leave the mission and TLC told them that they had to come back.

The couple told them they never signed anything, but TLC said otherwise. Jill added, “Then I look at it and I’m like, ‘That is my signature.’ That’s when we realized that I had signed this the day before we got married and then I’m like, ‘Oh I remember that. That’s not what I thought I was signing.'”

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