Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Experiences A New Kind Of Fun

Sister Wives fans saw that so far, it’s been a great summer for Janelle Brown. She got her trailer sorted out and started traveling all over the place. Certainly, she seems to enjoy her Kody-free life. She’s done a lot of traveling in her life and even went overseas. But this weekend, she experienced a whole bunch of fun that she never did before.

Sister Wives: Janelle Leaked A Family Reunion In Florida

Ahead of the weekend, Janelle said on her Instagram that the family was going to Florida to reunite. At the time, she said that she ordered some insect repellant but the huge box from Amazon arrived with enough bracelets for everyone. So, TLC fans assumed that everyone would gather for a special event. Of course, they might have just decided to get together for the 4th of July celebrations.

Sister Wives fans also heard that Christine had been traveling. Presumably, she also went to Florida. Of course, that might make fans wonder if she plans to wed David Woolley there. Meanwhile, others thought that perhaps the family gathered in Florida to celebrate Gwendlyn getting married to Beatriz. Well, no spoilers on any of that came from Janelle in her follow-up post. But, she did have a lot of fun. On Sunday, she gave her followers some feedback.

Sister Wives: First Time For Janelle Brown

From the photos that she shared, Kody’s former second wife and the family had a blast. She said that they all went to Salt Springs Run. In her caption, she elaborated:

Fun day at Salt Springs Run yesterday. I’ve never had the experience of going somewhere, anchoring a boat and spending the day in and out of the water. So much fun and so relaxing. I slept so good last night!”

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Experiences A New Kind of Fun
Janelle Brown /. Instagram

Sister Wives fans seemed pleased for her and those who have been boating before encouraged her to keep on doing it. They talked about all-day parties with crowds of fun getting out on the banks. Others related their own memories of the first time they had fun in the sun and messed about on boats.

Making Fun Memories

One Sister Wives follower said, “Yes Janelle, I love hearing this. You are embracing this one life you’re given and just blooming, glowing, and amazingly empowered! Big hugs and prayers…get it babe!”

Another fan said, “Love that you’re living and enjoying self. You look do happy and relaxed. Iv watched SW from the beginning… so it’s so lovely to see. Best wishes from England from a Scots woman ?.’

Right now, TLC fans from all over the world love to see Janelle Brown so happy.

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