Sister Wives Spoilers: Paedon Brown Says Robyn Brown Has A Job, Reveals What It Is

Sister Wives Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Paedon Brown has spilled the tea on Robyn Brown’s work status. Read on and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Sister Wives – Has Robyn Brown Ever Worked?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, fans have frequently slammed Kody Brown’s fourth wife for not carrying her load when it comes to making the plural marriage function. Now it appears that Robyn Brown did actually work but not at a regular nine-to-five job.

Since the TLC series began in 2010, Janelle Brown ranted about Robyn and the strain she and her kids were going to place on the whole family. At the time, during the first season of Sister Wives, Robyn was unemployed. She also brought significant debt with her to the Brown family who eventually paid it off.

Sister Wives – Which Brown Family Members Held Jobs?

Janelle, Meri, and Kody Brown all had jobs in order to pay the mounting bills that naturally come from running such a large household. Christine also contributed by tending to the Brown family’s children and holding down work outside the home.

Christine also contributed monetarily by tending to the family’s children and working outside the home. When the show started, the family’s financial problems were evident. However, the family’s expenses were less imposing as the brood lived in only one home with but one mortgage payment. Once Robyn hitched her wagon to the family, the family had to start paying for a separate house in Utah in which she lived.

Sister Wives – What Jobs Do Brown Family Members do?

When the Browns left Utah and relocated to Las Vegas, they expanded exponentially, buying four separate homes. Of course, their burden was somewhat offset by the income they all received from TLC.

Christine maintained work through multilevel marketing and in real estate. In Touch reported that Kody was the president of Das Hundhaus Firearms and Accessories, and he is also apparently a member of the supply company US Tactical, a Utah-based domestic LLC (via Bizapedia) which allowed him to buy and sell sporting goods in Utah.

Meri has owned a bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, for a while and also works as a LuLaRoe consultant. Robyn, without much contribution, brought two more children into the family.

Sister Wives – Kody And Robyn Brown: Both Stay At Home Parents

In an extensive interview uploaded to YouTube this month, Christine’s son Paedon set the record straight and revealed some new details about the Brown Family. He said that Robyn Brown does indeed have a job. However, the employment doesn’t require her to work regular hours.

“Robyn is a stay-at-home married mother with a husband who is a stay-at-home father and stay-at-home husband, and both of them film every other week,” he said. And what that means is that Kody and Robyn only work 26 hours a week.

“Work? Well, she did a few things for a few weeks a few times,” Paedon explained. “I’m not saying she didn’t put work into it. She did put work into it; she did try. But then it failed, hard and bad.”

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