Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Goes Dark On Social Media After Trying Week

Sister WivesLast week, after getting slapped with child abuse accusations and announcing the break up of her over 30-year marriage to Kody Brown, Meri Brown’s accounts went dark. The allegations came from Christine Brown and Kody Brown‘s son, Paedon Brown. However, these were just one of the things that happened to Meri.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown And Kody Brown Call It Quits

Sister Wives Spoilers reveal that Meri often posts on her social media to keep fans updated on the goings on in her life. However, Meri has been radio silent for the past week and fans are concerned. According to Meri’s post, the breakup of her marriage leaked through an interview that she said contained false information. However, on the Sister Wives Tell All, Meri admitted that Kody had made his choice and ended their marriage.

Both Meri and Kody agreed to the post and even signed off on it afterward. Meri also graciously accepts fan support, however, Meri insists it comes with kindness instead of some of the comments she is used to getting. Meri also did not want to be congratulated on the end of her marriage since she didn’t want it at all.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Suggestions Of Child Abuse

Paedon Brown insists that Meri was not nice to him and several of the other children in the family when they were children. Paedon claims that the treatment was “way beyond verbal abuse” and that he didn’t feel safe around Meri as a kid. Paedon also admits that he doesn’t like Robyn Brown but that he doesn’t hate her because of something that happened years ago.

Paedon credits Robyn for stepping in when he was about 12 and says that she may have saved the lives of him and some of the other children. Maddie Brush has mentioned issues with Meri as well. Christine has brought this up in a book years ago that she has stayed quiet too long about Meri mistreating her children. However, this information resurfaced last week and fans believe it is part of Meri’s disappearance.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Was Meri Brown Intoxicated?

Sister Wives Fans suggest that Meri may have been intoxicated after her Friday With Friends Segment this past week. Fans suggested that Meri appeared to be intoxicated but she denies it. However, in her posted video, Meri appears to be slurring words for no other apparent reason. Meri also seemed a bit wobbly in the clip as well.

It was not just one fan who suggested that possibility but Meri because to block people off of her page for even making the suggestion. Meri also kept a cup close by with a straw during the whole segment. Meri says that she knows how to have fun without being intoxicated but fans are still wondering what was going on in this particular clip.

Fans hope that Meri is ok and will resurface soon. Keep checking back for all of your Sister Wives news and updates. Sister Wives is currently available for streaming on Discovery +.

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