Sister Wives Fans Roast Meri Brown For New Expensive Retreat

Sister Wives Sister Wives fans were advised by Meri brown that she’s planning another retreat. This time, like the first one last year, it’s taking place at her BNB in Parowan. However, many TLC fans simply can’t afford her prices. So, plenty of people roasted her, even though some of them claimed to love Kody’s ex-wife.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Held Her First Retreat

When Meri advertised her first retreat, she didn’t say where folks would stay. However, she mentioned that it would take place in rural Utah. That retreat happened at Thanksgiving, and it seemed that some people felt a bit suspicious. In fact, it was Blogger Katie Joy who started insinuating that Meri might allegedly use the retreats to recruit more wives for Kody Brown. However, the cost was between $4K and $6K for each person.

Sister Wives fans saw that the retreat happened, and it wasn’t in a secret location after all. In fact, it happened at Meri’s Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Rumors arrived that in fact, Meri allegedly couldn’t fill all of the places for the retreat, so some folks from LuLaRoe went along. While the retreat brought visits to local sites and “morning mindfulness,” and that sort of thing, people claimed the money she wanted was way too much.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Star Meri Announces A New Retreat

Like the first retreat, this one will also be held at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn which is located in Parowan, Utah. On January 18, the TLC star told her followers on Instagram that it runs from “Feb 16-19 2023.” Urging her followers to “reserve” their “spot,” she noted that there are “limited spots available.” Meanwhile, in her video, she said that there are “so many good things planned.” So, she feels “very excited.”

Sister Wives Fans Roast Meri Brown For New Expensive Retreat
Meri Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star also mentioned “rest, recuperation, and connection with new friends.”  On the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s website, the retreat for February is about love. It says, “SELF LOVE, and YOU deserve to be there. You are worthy of the love and care you so often give away. Let us give it back to you.” But, critics feel that the prices are still way too high. They come in three options: “Supreme,” “Elite,” and “Elite Plus. They start at $4K and range to $6K.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Roasted For Over-Priced Retreat

Sister Wives fans who checked out the website returned to complain about the prices. One of them wrote, “Spent nearly 3 weeks in Paris, Lisbon and Porto Portugal. With [a] flight from Canada [it] cost me around $3000. A weekend in Utah for $6000?!”

Another commenter said, “Meri, most rich people are not watching your show and following you so why are you charging prices that only the rich could afford? Why is your place worth 7 or 8 times to [other] places in your area? Your price is so ridiculous that it’s laughable!”

Here’s a similar comment: “LOL!!!! My husband and I are going to Ireland for a week….. under $4K (including airfare and hotel for the week!) Those prices are absolutely insane! Good luck with that, lol! ??‍♀️”

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