Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Gets Hate, Here’s Why

Sister Wives - Maddie Brown Brush Sister Wives spoilers reveal that now that Maddie Brown Brush has had her daughter, Joey, she has started to push Plexus products yet again. Along with Janelle and Christine Brown, it turns out that Maddie has made a lot of money from pushing these items. However, they are weight loss drinks and some fans are concerned that she was drinking them just shortly after she gave birth.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Maddie Brown Brush Pushes Diet Drinks

Just a few weeks after she gave birth, Maddie was at it again. She knew that she had to get back to work on selling these drinks and she wasted no time doing so. Her fans were shocked to see her making a drink even as she was breastfeeding her child. She captioned the video, “This time around I feel like I have so much more knowledge on what my body needs to function correctly. I’m NOT focusing on weight loss or the number on the scale. I’m focusing on HEALTH! Allowing my body to heal from the inside out through hydration, health, and wellness!” She then said that her fans could message her about this ‘health lifestyle’.

Redditors saw her post and immediately just knew that they couldn’t hold back their thoughts. They did notice that the comments had been turned off for this post. One fan wrote, “In some ways that would be worse. In one scenario she and her kid are put at risk because of her ignorance and she puts other people at risk. In the other scenario she has concerns about subjecting her own kid to risk but doesn’t give a f**k if someone else’s kid is st risk if it can make her some more money.” Another added, “I thought plexus had a bunch of caffeine in it for some reason. A lot of those MLM companies do. It’s just caffeine and appetite suppressants. Doesn’t sound great during pregnancy.”

More fans chimed in on what they thought about her post. Another wrote, “She definitely gives it to her kids, she’s made videos and posts about it. Not saying it’s their whole diet but I am sure there are times she sees it as an appropriate replacement for actual meals.” One more wrote, “They very rarely leave the comments on for instagram posts about Plexus. So, either she turned them off, or deleted comments and then turned them off.”

From the looks of it, Maddie’s fans are not thrilled with the fact that she is using these products while breastfeeding. By looking at the ingredients, many of these products are made with green tea, which does have a lot of caffeine in it. This may not be the best for a newborn baby, but to each her own.

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