Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Says Janelle Is Still Hot For Him

The Sister Wives spoilers hint that Kody Brown assumes that Janelle still has the hots for him. He opened up about his sex appeal. The latest episode made the patriarch look like an even bigger fool, even though it’s not hard for him to do. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Asks Janelle For A Hug

The Sister Wives spoilers show that Kody Brown asked Janelle for a hug. On the Sunday, September 24 episode of the TLC series, the estranged couple had a sit-down conversation.

Janelle admitted that it’s been a while since they spoke. They haven’t spoken since their fiery argument about their family’s holiday plans.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Says Janelle Is Still Hot For HimKody Brown refused to listen to Janelle. She claimed that he was trying to kick her out of the family.

Kody turned it around on her and said that she was trying to kick him out. This was their biggest fight yet. It led Janelle to separate from Kody.

The Sister Wives spoilers show the two meeting up at a restaurant to discuss that explosive fight. Kody asked Janelle for a hug.

She didn’t look like she was ready to greet him with a hug. Also, in his confessional, Kody says that Janelle loves his hot body still.

“So Janelle’s not in love with me. I think she thinks I’m hot. I’ve got nice pecs and great six-pack abs. But that’s all she’s interested in,” he claims.

Janelle shared her reaction in her confessional: “I’m like ‘Woah, buddy, you’re way missing the boat here.’ There’s way more to a marriage than just physical attraction, and I feel like we’re in big danger here.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown  Assumes Janelle Brown Wants Him

The Sister Wives spoilers suggest that Kody assumes Janelle still wants him. Judging by Janelle’s reaction, that’s clearly not the case. Once again, the reality star got roasted on Instagram. TLC shared a clip from Sunday’s episode.

One fan wrote: “He has lost his mind — completely.” Another user noted: “Omg he is out of his narcissistic mind.” Others noted that Kody Brown should’ve read the room when he met Janelle at the restaurant. She didn’t look like she was happy to see him again.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Kody Brown still thinks Janelle wants him? What do you think of their sit-down conversation? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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