Sister Wives Spoilers: Gwendlyn Brown’s Side Hustle Revealed

Sister WivesSister Wives fans have been watching the famous polygamous family on TLC year after year. The series has showcased the Brown family and their kids, their relationships with one another and the outside world, as well as their journey through school and more.

From family drama (especially this past season) to quieter moments, fans have been left wondering what the reality TV personalities of the show do when the cameras are not rolling.

Sister Wives – The Sister Wives Cast & Their Day Jobs

It was years before fans learned that the family patriarch, Kody Brown, is an authorized gun dealer. When it comes to the actual Sister Wives, Meri runs a bed and breakfast while Christine Brown runs an LLC legal business.

Christine also does cameos as well as her sister wife Janelle. As for Robyn Brown, it was recently revealed by Paedon Brown in a tell-all that the only wife of Kody Brown doesn’t work that much after all. While she came into the family with debt, Paedon shared, she has since failed to maintain a steady gig to bring in income as her online accessory business, My Sisterwife’s Closet, has failed.

Sister Wives – Gwendlyn Brown Follows In Her Mom’s Foot Steps

Sister Wives fans have now learned that Gwendlyn Brown has also jumped into making money on the side when she isn’t filming the TLC show. The daughter of Christine and Kody Brown has an account on Patreon.

Patreon is an online platform that allows TLC fans to connect with the 21-year-old. Gwendlyn connects with fans who request Q&A sessions. She also creates private videos. The cost ranges anywhere from $2 to $10 dollars per month. It is rumored Gwendlyn Brown has a net worth in the hundred of thousands.

“As an autistic bisexual woman, I feel like my experience with polygamy, Mormonism and reality TV is fairly unique,” she wrote in her bio. “I’m excited to share how life has been for me and my family behind the scenes, where there are no cameras to influence our behavior,” Gwendlyn previously shared.

Sister Wives – Gwendlyn Brown’s College Career

Aside from filming and her account on Patreon, Gwendlyn is still in college. She currently attends Northern Arizona University. She is also engaged to fiancée, Beatriz Queiroz, who is also a student at the same university as the reality TV star.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with TLC right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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