Sister Wives Robyn Crossed The Line With Meri & Leon?

Sister Wives rumors allege that Robyn Brown, her kids, and/or Kody might not be accepting of Meri’s child, Leon transitioning. Allegedly has to be the word used, because there is no proof that the source exists. However, it’s an interesting thing to note that Meri no longer follows Robyn or Kody on social media.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown And Robyn Brown Were Best Friends?

For years, fans saw that Robyn became the favored wife of Kody Brown. Christine left, and she was followed by Janelle. Then finally, Meri left. Mind you the TLC show portrays it as if Kody sent her away. Possibly, fans will never know what really happened between Meri and Kody. But one thing that fans do know is that Kody and Meri’s child, Leon had top surgery and is in the process of transitioning.

Sister Wives fans probably recall when Mariah (her name and sexual orientation at the time), came out. It was on the show and everyone saw that Kody felt good about it. After all, as he pointed out, polygamists were discriminated against, so he could accept his daughter’s choices. Anyway, that could have all been for the show.

Although she was shocked, Meri seemed to be the one who stepped up over the years. In fact, she’s a mama bear for Leon and Audrey Kriss. Did something about Leon break Meri’s friendship with Robyn?

Robyn Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Clashed With Robyn Brown Over Leon Brown?

Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball took to YouTube to discuss what she claimed was information from a source about Meri and Robyn. Apparently, it all started when Katie noticed that Meri had stopped following Kody and Robyn on social media. Well, neither of them used their social media pages for ages, so it hardly seemed worth following them. But since then, Katie claimed that she reached out to an insider who dished some tea.

Sister Wives Robyn Crossed The Line With Meri and Leon
TLC Via Without A Crystal Ball / YouTube

It’s not very clear what happened and which Sister Wives stars were involved, but allegedly, Robyn, Kody, and perhaps Robyn’s daughters said something nasty about Leon. Katie reminded her followers that Gwendlyn, who is bisexual hinted that there were some issues in the family regarding LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Crossing The Line For Meri Brown

If there is any truth to the Sister Wives rumors, then allegedly, Robyn and Kody and maybe some of the other family members criticized Leon and Audrey Kriss. Allegedly, that crossed the line for Meri who broke off her friendship with Robyn and doesn’t speak with Kody anymore.

Of course, there is no way of checking the validity of the story. Still, it might spell some hope for fans who feared that Meri might consider reuniting with Kody Brown again.

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