Sister Wives: Robyn Brown’s Ex David Preston Jessop Fights Leukemia

Robyn Brown Sister Wives fans don’t see David Preston Jessop, the former husband of Robyn Brown on TLC. He’s the dad of Robyn’s kids, David, Aurora, and Breanna. A few weeks ago, leaks revealed that he is fighting devastating cancer, and how it has been confirmed with a GoFundMe update.

Sister Wives Spoilers – What To Know About David Preston Jessop

Robyn seldom mentions her former husband, but she did suggest that he was at fault for the split before she married Kody. Actually, she babbled on about how he wasn’t good with the kids. However,  a lot of people suspect that she just found any excuse to get herself into some TV fame with Kody Brown. What people do know about David Preston Jessop, is that he has been tied to the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB). That’s because he was raised in a polygamous family.

As he keeps a low profile, it’s been hard to find out much about him and his family. Sister Wives fans did hear that Jessop is related to the nanny that Kody Brown and Robyn employed. Apparently, Mindy Jessop started working for Robyn back in 2016. She is related because she’s  Robyn’s step-niece via Lisa Jessop. Apart from suspecting that he keeps a low profile with a new family, TLC fans don’t know much more at all.

Sister Wives Spoilers – David Preston Jessop Has Leukemia

The first hints that David battles life-threatening leukemia dropped by Backwoods Barbie on YouTube about three weeks ago. You can see the video at the bottom of this article. Now that a GoFundMe emerged, more details became available with updates. It seems that he’s not doing well at the moment and he and his wife are struggling financially. It’s run by Stacy Jessop, the sister-in-law of David Preston Jessop.

Sister Wives Robyn Browns Ex David Jessop Fights Leukemia
Stacy Jessop / GoFundMe

Sister Wives fans who heard about the leukemia visited the GoFundMe after Backwoods Barbie shared the news. In her description, Stacy said that David found out about his leukemia after an eye checkup. Unfortunately, it was diagnosed as “Chronic Myeloid Leukemia,” but treatment with medication seems to not be helping. A second strategy is available but apparently, it’s so toxic, he opted for a more natural approach with experts in the field.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Treatment Update

In an update on April 14, Stacy said, “his white blood cells have mutated more and are growing by about 8,000 per week!” So, she asked, “Please keep him in your prayers and if you can donate he’d appreciate it, and if not sharing this helps a lot So thankful for all the support and love ❤️.”

Sister Wives fans who would like to support David Preston Jessop can find the GoFundMe on this LINK HERE.

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