Sister Wives: Names & Coincidences – Is David Woolley LDS?

David Woolley Sister Wives star Christine Brown became engaged to David Woolley. He has eight children from his first marriage to Margaret Woolley. As Christine spiritually married Kody Brown and the family was part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS,) naturally, TLC fans wonder if David Woolley is also in the faith.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Is Engaged To David Woolley

Many TLC fans feel that Christine Brown is rushing into marriage with her new boyfriend, David Woolley. However, some folks suspect she might have known him longer than people think. While nobody on social media seems to be able to explain why, they suspect the timeline seems a bit off. If she is rushing into marriage, they hope it doesn’t go awry for her. Naturally, people dig around to find out about his past.

Not much emerged about the love interest of the Sister Wives star. However, news arrived that he lives in Utah, owns a business associated with construction, and was previously married to Margaret Woolley. Interestingly, his daughter, Kati Charlene might be the key to finding out if her dad is associated with the LDS. If you don’t know, her mom committed suicide and Kati uses her social media to raise awareness.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Wonder If David Woolley Is LDS

Redditor, u/The Sentient Ramen Noodle asked two months ago if Christine’s new man might be LDS. They said on the R//TLCsisterwives community, “Does anyone know if Christine’s new boyfriend is LDS? I’ve heard that he’s conservative but hadn’t heard anything about religion. Given that he’s from Utah there is a good chance that he is but I am curious…” In the answers, a lot of people presumed he might be because Woolley is not an uncommon name in the LDS. However, nobody seemed to know for certain.

Sister Wives Names and Coincidences - Is David Woolley LDS

Sister Wives fans might be interested to know that there are some names out there that might indicate David is connected dot the LDS. Disclaimer: Notably, there are coincidences in life, and until it is confirmed, bear in mind that this article cannot confirm these connections. However, one daughter of David goes by the name of Kati Charlene. There was a Legacy obituary that revealed Margaret Lucille Suliin Woolley died in San Diego in 2012. Interestingly, Margaret’s mom was Charlene Suliin. She was married to David Pratt Woolley. Including Kati Charlene, this obituary noted that she raised eight children, which TLC fans knew already.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Connected To The LDS?

Sister Wives fans might like to know that another obituary on The Memories revealed that Roy Oliver Woolley passed away in 2020. The information revealed that he was LDS. In fact, he died in Utah at the age of 91 but was raised “in Maine.” Interestingly, he married “Evelyn Minnie Pratt, on October 24, 1952, in the Salt Lake LDS Temple for time and all eternity.”

The obituary explains how he first became interested in the LDS while serving as “a civilian airplane spotter during World War II.” Plus, he became “a lifelong member” of the church. The person who wrote about their dad’s life said that Roy “held positions of Youth Sunday School Teacher, Home Teacher and a member of the High Priest Quorum.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Names And Coincidences?

In the obituary, it mentioned who died before Roy, and one of them was “Margaret Sullin Woolley (David).” Those who he left behind included a son, “David Pratt Woolley.” With TLC fans knowing that a David Woolley married a Margaret Sullin who had a mother with the same name as his daughter Kati Charlene, it seems very possible that David has strong connections to the LDS. Not to mention that a Roy Woolley who was active in the LDS had a son named David Pratt Woolley who had a wife named Margaret Sullin.

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