Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown A Master Manipulator

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been strung along by Kody Brown and the TLC reality TV show for years.  We’re on Season 18 of Sister Wives, and Kody and Meri have basically been separated since the catfish debacle nearly a decade ago.  But, she still filmed every season and uncomfortably begged Kody to give her another chance.

We have all felt bad for Meri Brown over the years, second hand embarrassment is a real thing.  The fact that Kody Brown basically shut her down time and time again didn’t seem to phase Meri a bit.  She was dedicated to trying to make her marriage work.  Or was she?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown’s Master Plan

Meri Brown is not a dumb woman, she has capitalized on her TLC fame to crank out millions of LulaRoe clothing sales and book hundreds of guests at her Utah Bed & Breakfast.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown A Master ManipulatorIf it weren’t for the Brown Family’s contract with TLC, Meri would never have seen the success she has selling overpriced mediocre clothes on social media.

All these years we have been feeling bad for Meri Brown, watching her throw herself at Kody every season, only to get put on the back burner.

Did Meri REALLY want to work things out with Kody all these years or was she just filming the show to keep up her LulaRoe sales and promote her Bed & Breakfast?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Is The Joke On Kody Brown

Not only has Meri Brown garnered a ton of sympathy over the years from Sister Wives fans, she has managed to turn her pitiful storylines in to cash.

Meri Brown may not be the sad and manipulated woman she appears to be.  She may the manipulator.

Did Meri Brown actually pretend to still love the Browns and want to be part of the Brown Family for ten years just to sell clothes on Facebook?

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