Sister Wives Season 18 Spoilers: Clues Robyn Brown Hiding Secret Baby

The Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers suggest new clues that Robyn Brown is hiding a secret baby. Robyn is the only wife standing in the family. She was criticized for not allowing cameras into their house. Fans have a feeling she could be pregnant after a new video surfaced on social media. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Season 18 Spoilers – Is Robyn Brown Pregnant?

According to the Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers, Robyn Brown could be pregnant. It happened when one fan took to TikTok to speculate about the TLC star. The user suggested they could see the outline of a baby bump.

“Strictly my opinion. I heard the rumors they don’t let filming inside… maybe because the little babe is inside,” the TikTok user suggested.

Sister Wives Season 18 Spoilers: Clues Robyn Brown Hiding Secret BabyThe Sister Wives spoilers suggest that not all fans believe that Robyn Brown is pregnant. She could have a secret medical condition that changed the appearance of her body.

Others argued that fans shouldn’t make theories about her body since it can change due to age. Still, fans want to know why Robyn and Kody don’t allow the cameras into their house.

“Why isn’t Robyn getting filmed inside her house?” one fan asked. “Secret baby. It’s my favorite ‘conspiracy theory…'” another fan responded.

“Was there a rumor a while back that Robyn was pregnant? I’ve since heard about nannies refusing to film their children or their house. Could her having more and more kids be what’s behind a lot of it?” a third fan wrote.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Nanny Drama

The Sister Wives spoilers reveal the infamous nanny drama. Robyn and Kody Brown had a nanny named Mindy Jessop. She’s known for taking care of their three kids and Robyn’s step-niece. Fans have wanted to know why the couple needs a nanny.

“Can Kody and Robyn really not take care of the two kids on their own?” one fan asked on Reddit. “I wonder why Robyn can’t seem to manage her kids by herself. Why would you need to take care of your family on a family outing?” another fan asked.

The Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody only has one wife. Earlier this year, Meri Brown left him. Janelle Brown is still separated from Kody. Christine Brown was the first to move on. She is now married to David Woolley.

What do you think of this theory? Do you think it’s possible that Robyn Brown is pregnant? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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