Sister Wives Fans React To Kody Claiming He’s Hot

Sister Wives fans heard Kody Brown claim that he’s hot and clearly, he never saw his ranking in the Man Crush Monday category. Naturally, TLC fans started talking on social media about his hotness, or the lack of it.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Complained About Kody Brown & Sound Issues

In the last episode, Janelle met up at a restaurant with her ex and they talked about how when they previously fought, it was really ugly. Of course, many fans wish she would walk away and stay away. She told him that she wanted to stay separated for now. However, she still likes him and considered counseling But, he was really shocked. He claimed that her previous estrangements from him were the fault of the other wives and not him.

Sister Wives fans also heard that Kody Brown said in his confessional that all she wants from him is his “hot… six-pack abs.” When Katie Joy on Instagram talked about the poor sound quality, people just wanted to talk about the TLC star’s claim that he’s so “hot.” One person mocked him, saying, “I’m still stuck at jenelle (sic) wanting him for his pecs and six pack.”

Sister Wives Fans React To Kody Claiming He's Hot

Sister Wives Fans Discuss Kody Brown’s Hotness On Reddit

The Instagrammers continued talking about the claim that he’s a catch for womankind. One of them wrote, “Just when I think grody Kody can’t get any worse he describes how hot his body is 🤢.” And, nobody felt that he was in any way hot.

Sister Wives Fans React To Kody Claiming He's Hot
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Interestingly, on, there is a place where Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown is mentioned as being “ranked at 32,664th among all celebrities on the Top Celebrity Crushes list.” Certainly, it seems that he has a higher opinion of his hotness than fans do. Redditors also talked about the lack of appeal that he gives them.

Sister Wives Spoilers – So Not Hot?

Sister Wives fans had a lot to say on Reddit. One person wrote on the r/SisterWives subreddit, “Yeah nothing says “Hey I’m Sexy” like a bald headband, with two sad little curls trying to escape.”

Another member of the community said, “🤣🤣🤣 Simply irresistible. Doesn’t he own his own mirror, or has to fight it out to share that and the curling iron with Robyn?”

Amused a follower wrote, “Omg I almost gagged and wanted to run here for camaraderie. 😂.”

Here’s another comment worth sharing: “Oh yeah, 🎵 I believe in miracles…Where you from? You sexy thing🎵 No, not you Kody.”

Do you think he’s hot? Did you know that he ranks at 32,6643 in the Man Crush Monday category? Sound off in the comments below.

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