Sister Wives Fans Mock Robyn Brown – ‘Best Supporting Actress’

Sister Wives Fans Mock Robyn Brown - 'Best Supporting Actress'Season 18 of Sister Wives got a trailer and yes, if you expected that Robyn Brown would cry, you’d be right on the nail. Actually, a few people claimed that they thought they saw a single tear roll down her face. However, 99.99% of other fans couldn’t spot one; not even after zooming in. So, they took to mocking her as the “Best Supporting Actress.”

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown – Weaponized ‘Tears’

In Season 17, when Christine left and Jenelle started having second thoughts about life with Kody, Robyn cried. Well, fans thought she only pretended to cry. What’s more, it became noticeable that when she did that, her husband got furious with the other wives. Actually, when he threw a tantrum, she cried and just elevated his rage. So, TLC fans slammed her.

The trailer for Season 18 of the Sister Wives show brought a lot of things for fans to get their heads around. Meri still hopes that Kody will take her back. Jenelle didn’t just kick him to the curb, she did it with commendable naughty language. Meanwhile, Christine basically told him to lighten up about everything. Garrison decided that Robyn could keep her man because none of the adult kids need him to be their father anymore. And of course, Robyn had a tearless meltdown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Cries

Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball on Instagram started off the mockery of Robyn for crying no tears. Taking to her account, she posted up the part of the trailer that showed a meltdown with no tears. Across the video, she overlaid text that said, “Best Supporting Actress Robyn Brown.” Additionally, she wrote, “Nominated for her role in ‘Not A Single Tear On The Porch.”

Sister Wives Fans Mock Robyn Brown - 'Best Supporting Actress'
TLC Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

The scene was taken from the trailer for Sister Wives and it came after Meri Brown told her that she had to leave, but she really didn’t want to go. Well, Robyn unloaded on Kody and wailed about other wives, grandkids, and not sitting on the porch as one big happy family in her golden years. Notably, TLC fans were singularly unsupportive and not at all sympathetic.

Best Supporting Actress Comments

Sister Wives fans who follow Katie Joy were quick to comment. One of them said, “Translates to “my paycheck has gone, I’m heartbroken”???.” 

One insightful commenter said, “It’s crazy to me that she is so focused on herself. If the true meaning of “sister wives” was real then shouldn’t you…be concerned that 3 of your sister wives found life with you[r] husband so unbearable that they had to leave?

They added, “… instead she sobs because her “dream” is ending. Her and Kody are perfect for each other.” Do you agree? Or, do you think that Kody’s only remaining wife was genuinely torn up inside because polygamy is now a thing of the past? Shout out in the comments below.

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