Will Ratings For Season 18 Of Sister Wives Go Through The Roof?

Will Ratings For Season 18 Of Sister Wives Go Through The Roof?Sister Wives Season 18 got a trailer and it certainly engaged a lot of viewers. So, it seems as if the ratings for the new season on TLC might hit the roof and keep on climbing. Plenty of people expected that after Christine left Kody Brown, they might have canned the show. However, the execs made the decision to continue it after Seaosn 17’s ratings did well. This time, they might outperform last season judging by comments on the new trailer.

Sister Wives Season 18 Premieres Soon

The show returns to TLC on August 20. And, you won’t want to miss it if you are a die-hard follower of the Brown family. Coincidently, just a few days before the trailer dropped, Robyn took to her Pinterest. There, the last remaining wife in the formerly polygamous family said in her profile, “Followers- Go find purpose in your own life and stop wasting your precious time with mine.” Ha! Like that’s going to happen as the trailer for Season 18 revealed she actually, maybe, just managed to squeeze out a real tear.

Sister Wives Fans finally got to see the first major spoilers of the next season. Viewers will see Meri looking perplexed as Kody basically told her to pack her bags and leave after Christine left. Folks might cheer because she and Robyn spent so much time gaslighting Christine in both seasons 16 and 17. However, the new trailer reveals that in her deepest heart, Meri still wants to stick around, but Kody forced her out against her will. That made ‘Sobyn’ Robyn sob.

Sister Wives: Ratings Seem Set To Explode

The main character seems to be Janelle Brown this season. When the trailer dropped, TLC fans were flabbergasted and thrilled at the same time. After a family meeting sans Robyn and Kody, she set forth to do battle with Kody. In fact, she actually told him, “Shut your f-ing mouth,”: and yelled at him for pointing his finger at her. Finally, she told him to “F Off!” when he walked out on her. As an extra kick to his pride, she also told him she was “done.”

If that doesn’t get the ratings going through the roof, then nothing will. Mind you, there was much more to see. Kody Brown’s hurting, dissed by his wives and even got told off by Robyn. So, he claimed that he’s gonna “be the devil” the wives think he is. Meanwhile, Christine set him off down a grumpy road after she basically told him to get a life and laugh at the old memories.

Will Ratings For Season 18 Of Sister Wives Go Through The Roof
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Sister Wives fans saw that of all the wives, apart from Robyn, only Meri looked miserable. Janelle and Christine looked super-empowered. Even Janelle’s adult kids stood up and claimed they don’t need a “father figure” anymore. Spoilers suggested that Kody might try and win Janelle back. So far, it looks like he stands zero chance of that happening.

‘Cue The Ratings’

Sister Wives fans who watched the trailer on YouTube were all excited. @kaleya8034 said, “Janelle’s claws are FINALLY out and I’m here for it!!”

Another viewer, @arget_aiedail wrote, “I am ready for this season! You go Janelle! Christine looks fantastic. Wow I saw an actual tear coming from Robyn’s eye I can’t believe it. Maybe Meri will get more than 5 minutes this season. Get the pop corm ready!”

Meanwhile, @karenrner said, “Cue the ratings!” And that seems to be exactly what will happen.

What do you think of the new trailer for Season 18? After you watch it, remember to pop your comments in the box below.

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