Sister Wives Fans Chatter Away About Christine Brown’s UK Family Trip

Sister Wives fans saw that after Gwendlyn, the daughter of Christine, married Beatriz, her sisters went with her mom, David Woolley, and Mitch Thompson to the UK. Well.

it seemed a bit odd because isn’t Christine tying the know soon? Perhaps it was just an opening on the calendar and they made the most of it before her own nuptials

Sister Wives – The Family Flies To The UK

The reason, or how long ago they planned the trip, is not known. But a few photos started trickling through from Mykelti.

It looks like she left the kids back at home with Tony Padron. Gwen wasn’t there, but she probably remains on her own honeymoon.

Sister Wives Fans Chatter Away About Christine Brown's UK Family Trip

Judging by the pictures, none of David Woolley’s family went along, and surely his daughter Kati Charlene would have posted up something by now if she were there.

Sister Wives fans don’t mind anything that Christine Brown does these days. While they might have hoped to be told when and where the family was going, they do not complain. Right now, as she prepares her new home for her family days of the future, they would forgive her almost anything. That’s because she was the first to tell Kody to stick his plural marriage where it fits best.

Sister Wives Fans See Family Photos In The UK

The photos shared showed Mykelti, Aspyn. Truely, Ysabel, Mitch. David, and Christine. Perhaps they plan a trip somewhere with David’s family after their tie the knot. Fans loved the photos which took in the sites around Stratford upon Avon. One person who knows the area said, “Wow I live in the town hope you enjoyed it”

Sister Wives Fans Chatter Away About Christine's UK Family Trip
Christine Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans became confused because Chrtnine hashtagged the place as “York.” Nevertheless, the British know their own cities and insisted, In her caption, Christine also said, “Vacations are one of those things you spend money on but enrich your life exponentially.”

Chatter In The Comments

Sister Wives fans talked away happily, and one of them said, “No need to save your grocery money now!!! Live yalls life to the fullest explore the world and each other ?✨”

Another one wrote, “Beautiful People like you deserve to have fun, hope you are well.”

Here’s another sweet comment; “I can’t believe you’re in the UK, and with your lovely David!!! We love you over here Christine. You are amazing xxx.”

other talked about how the girls all looked so much like their mom, that they had problems telling them apart. A follower wrote, “Your girls look sooo much alike now that they’re older! Wow.”

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