Sister Wives Christine Brown Officiates Gay Wedding – Fans React

Sister Wives Sister Wives fans know that Christine Brown’s daughter, Gwendlyn came out and she’s engaged to Beatriz Queiroz, Actually, it seems that they will soon tie the knot. Some folks wonder if her mom will officiate at her wedding, as she recently did that for a gay couple in California. The subject was raised after news arrived that she wedded Leonard Reyes and Cameron Tramel.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Has No Issues With Gays

TLC fans know that Meri’s daughter Mariah changed her name to Leon, and declared that henceforth people should use the correct pronouns to address them. Well, that didn’t seem to bother Christine who also didn’t react with any negativity toward her daughter Gwen who plans her life with Beatriz. So, fans loved it when happy photos arrived showing Gwen’s mom and sisters celebrating their engagement.

Sister Wives fans can now relax in case they wonder where Christine’s fiance, David Woolley stands with his views about the LGBTQ+ community. When the news arrived that Christine jumped at the chance to officiate at a gay wedding, he also went along. Reportedly, the couple partied after the ceremony and had a wonderful time. Plenty of TLC fans reacted to the reveal of the wedding that happened in April.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Officiates Gay Wedding

The Sun reported about the gay wedding that Kody’s former third wife participated in. In their article, the details showed that Leonard Reyes said to the outlet, “She was the first one that I thought of and I was like, ‘Hey, let me just ask her. The worst case scenario is she’s going to say no.'” Apparently, there wasn’t a long wait to hear back from the TLC star, who felt very happy to be chosen. Soon Redditors were talking about it.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Officiates Gay Wedding Fans React
R/SisterWives -Reddit

Sister Wives fans took to the R/SisterWives subreddit to discuss the wedding. Not everyone idolizes the TLC star, but even those who don’t, had good things to say. One participant in the discussion, u/garlicgumball opined, “She should officiate Gwen’s wedding!! Kody’s reaction would be PRICELESS.” Well, Gwendlyn once said that her dream would be for Jennifer Coolidge to officiate at her wedding.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Other Reactions From TLC Fans

Here’s a small sample of what other Sister Wives fans had to say about Christine officiating at the gay wedding:

GoodDog_GoodBook123: Christine is the perfect example of growth. In the span of the show she went from a sheltered, fundie Mormon princess that thought toasters killed people to someone who left an abusive relationship, found love and embraced the modern world around her. No one is perfect but I think Christine is a genuinely good person.

Plastic-Frosting-683: Wow!!! She is a FANTASTIC public speaker. Anyone remember her speaking at the polygamy “protest” I guess you’d say on the steps of the Utah Capitol? She had no time to prepare and yet she stood up at the mic and just KILLED IT.

Then_Campaign7264: What a fantastic story. I love that she made it all about the couple getting married, putting personal touches on the ceremony that reflected them. I can totally see Christine putting the cake back together for the photos and offering to help set up. Christine loves a good party.”

You can see the photos of the wedding by clicking on this LINK HERE.

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