‘Seeking Brother Husband’: Why Is Mike Fuming With Jealousy?

Seeking Brother Husband TLC’s Seeking Brother Husband premiered on Sunday, March 26, and fans were introduced to the cast with a sneak peek of the drama to come in future episodes. The premiere episode saw Elisa’s husband, Mike revealing his real feelings about his partner hunting for someone new. He even admitted that he did feel jealous watching his wife look for another partner even after having agreed to the same. So, why is Mike fuming with jealousy? Does he hate the idea of having a brother husband? Keep reading to find out the details!

In her quest to find a new partner, Elisa has already created a profile on a dating site which was agreed upon by Mike. However, while Elisa swiped through her options, Mike felt a sense of insecurity and uneasiness. The couple sat down on the couch as Elisa asked Mike whether he wished to see her dating profile. He quickly jumped in and even complimented her on the picture while chuckling at the raunchy profile description.

Although Mike looked like he was all in with the idea, he later revealed that his sentiments had changed. In his confessional, Mike revealed that watching Elisa date other men is fine by him. However, watching her get emotionally attached to someone else would be a big challenge for him. He clarified that this is something he has never experienced and that they haven’t reached that point in their relationship. So, this sudden jump opened up Mike’s real emotions, paired with a lot of uncertainty and some jealousy.

However, this isn’t the first time Elisa is exploring being in an open marriage. In the past, Elisa had indulged in infidelity and admitted to it on the TLC show. She revealed that she connected emotionally and physically with someone else despite being in a happy and fulfilling relationship with Mike. She even questioned herself on her infidelity, and later the couple decided that they would try and explore having multiple partners.

Talking about their decision, Mike admitted that it was a rocky road, but they eventually agreed to opt for polygamy. Given that the show has just premiered, viewers are yet to find out how things pan out for the couple as Elisa meets more men.

Seeking Brother Husband Season 1 Episode, 2 will premiere next Sunday, April 2, 2023.

Do you think Mike will be able to tame his emotions of jealousy and uncertainty? Share your thoughts in the comments, and check back for more on Seeking Brother Husband!

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