Could Seeking Brother Husband Eclipse Sister Wives?

Seeking Brother Husband Seeking Brother Husband spoilers reveal that the beloved TLC show may be facing some stiff competition. As Kody Brown’s plural marriage disintegrates and a new plural marriage takes the TLC stage, Seeking Brother Husband may very well eclipse Sister Wives. Continue reading and we’ll spill the polyandry tea.

Seeking Brother Husband – Turning the Tables On Sister Wives

Seeking Brother Husband spoilers reveal that, according to E News, the cast for the new TLC series Seeking Brother Husband which explores polyandry, has been announced. Let’s discuss this interesting new take on the polygamy angle.

Seeking Brother Husband is set to hit small screens on TLC in March and will introduce four separate polyandrous relationships and follow along as the wives seek to add additional husbands to their families. A trailer for the show sees Kendra, who appears on the show with partners Carl and Tiger, explain, “but those husbands cannot have any other partners.”

Seeking Brother Husband – Parallels With Sister Wives

The show draws overt parallels with TLC’s Sister Wives. Of course, Sister Wives explores polygamy from a strictly Mormon religious perspective — where one man marries multiple wives. However, Seeking Brother Husband’s Elisa aims to show viewers that the two worlds aren’t so different (via People).

“There’s definitely a double standard when a female has multiple partners,” she says in the trailer. “It’s, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s such a slut. She sleeps around.’”

Elisa continues attempting to explain what, for many, may seem very perplexing. “They assume multiple male partners, it’s just about sex. That’s definitely not it.”

Though the process of picking up a new husband in a relationship doesn’t seem like a simple process. Patrick who brings new husband Noble aboard his marriage to Chara, notes, “A little moaning, a little groaning,” when he explains what he overhears in the other room. Surely it seems like a difficult situation to seek out.

Seeking Brother Husband – Meet The Seeking Brother Husband Family Units

Firstly, there is Kenya and her partners Carl and Tiger from Houston, Texas, who’ve been together for 26 years and share three adult children. Kenya is now apparently seeking a third husband to add to her stable.

Elisa and Mike are newlyweds from Los Angeles, California who’ve been dating for a while. Though Elisa strongly desires to have multiple husbands, and Mike seems willing to support his new wife in her endeavor, he’s likely going to have to deal with his own jealousy.

Next, there is Chara, Patrick, and Noble. Chara has been married to husband Patrick for 13 years and though they have drifted apart, they still chose to remain together for emotional reasons. They have also explored adding a partner to fulfill Chara’s needs — enter Noble. For Chara, a child is in the cards. But who will the husband be?

Lastly, there is Kim, Dustin, and Vinson from Asheville, North Carolina. Kim and Dustine have been married for 11 years and Vinson is their first brother husband. Though they all seem to get along – it doesn’t seem that Vinson is ready to share Kim with Dustin.

Seeking Brother Husband premieres on TLC on Sunday, March 26, 2023, at 9 PM CST. Return here often for more Seeking Brother Husband spoilers, news, and updates.

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