Seeking Brother Husband Star Kenya Shares Her ‘NO Limits’ Thoughts On The Number Of Husbands She Will

Seeking Brother Husband TLC’s newest show titled Seeking Brother Husband is a spin-off of “Sister Wives” but this time it’s the opposite of “Sister Wives.” Sister Wives will come to an end after its eighteenth season.

The new episode of “Seeking Brother Husband” which aired on Saturday, March 26, got fans talking about it after seeing its trailer. The show has female stars with more than one husband.

One of the stars of the show Kenya who has two live-in husbands already shared that she’s open to adding more husbands to her family. In her opening statement, she defined polyandry as “one woman having multiple husbands.” She also added, “There is no limit on the number of brother husbands one can have.”

Seeking Brother Husband — On Kenya And Her Two Husbands Carl & Tiger

Kenya and her first husband Carl Stevens have been married for 26 years, while Kenya and her husband no.2 Tiger Moonstone have been married for 10 years.

Kenya, 48, revealed to “The Post” that after several years of living in a monogamous marriage with Carl, Carl confessed to her that he has feelings for his work colleague. Rather than get mad, Kenya had dinner with Carl and his lover.

“My husband wanted several wives. He actually talked to me about this before we got married, and I laughed, like, ‘Whatever!’ I was open to the idea, but if he has the privilege, I would absolutely want the same privilege, which is just fair,” said Kenya to the outlet.

They eventually opted for an open marriage which allowed Kenya to bring in Tiger. Kenya also shared with the outlet their children’s reaction when they heard the news.

“Most of their friends’ parents are divorced so my children were excited that we still love each other and were not coming to have the divorce talk, like the majority of their other friends.”

“They had questions — they wondered how would it work, would they have another father? Those types of logistical questions. But overall, there was excitement, because they have a community to raise them, instead of two very tired parents.”

Despite having two men all to herself, Kenya is not satisfied. She’s open to having more husbands. “What is too many?” she said. “We like community. We don’t believe that the nuclear family is sustainable, and we think community is more sustainable than a nuclear family.”

Seeking Brother Husband — Fans’ Reaction To The Show’s First Teaser

While critics saw nothing wrong with Kody Brown of ” Sister Wives” taking four wives, they saw everything wrong with Kenya taking multiple husbands. They’re also against TLC airing the show.

A critic said, “This has nothing to do with love and everything to do with wanting more nooky than one person can give you. It’s ATTEMPTING to put an air of normalcy on what amounts to swinging. Want to swing? Your business. Just don’t try to call it marriage.”

Another said, “We saw how Sister Wives turned out. I expect the same for this one. I won’t be watching this train wreck though, it’s getting ridiculous and offensive.”

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