Sam Page Teases Sam Sutton’s ‘Deeper’ Relationship With Jo Wilson On Grey’s Anatomy

Sam Page of The Bold Type and Hallmark movies joins Grey's Anatomy in a recurring role
Sam Page [Image Hallmark Channel on YouTube]

The hit ABC show Grey’s Anatomy often shares tear-jerking storylines, but Shonda Rhimes’ series also features romantic relationships. In fact, fans often live for those moments when their favorite characters fall in love. Meanwhile, the latest love story is between Sam Page’s character, Sam Sutton, and Camilla Luddington’s Jo Wilson. Read on to find out more about this budding relationship.

Has Jo Wilson found a potential love interest in Grey’s Anatomy?

Speaking to People about his character, Sam Sutton, and Luddington’s Jo Wilson, he said his character “goes deeper” in his relationship with Jo. In Thursday’s episode, fans met Sam Sutton (Page), an army veteran, who wastes no time introducing himself to Jo Wilson ahead of his surgery. Meanwhile, Sam ( Gossip Girl and The Bold Type) was hospitalized at Grey Sloan Memorial with severe injuries.

Grey's Anatomy star Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson
Camilla Luddington plays Jo Wilson [Image @camillaluddington/Instagram]

Page, 46, has a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy and explained that his character Sam and Luddington’s Jo “strike up a very genuine relationship” after their meeting. According to Sam, his character and Jo have a lot of good conversations and everything that starts kind of on the surface really “goes deeper” as his stay in the hospital continues.

Sam gets ‘something to live for’

The Bold Type star Sam Page joins Grey's Anatomy
Sam Page joins Grey’s Anatomy [Image Hallmark Channel on YouTube]

In their first meeting in Thursday’s episode, Sam said to Jo:

This may come across as forward but I might be dying in the next 18 hours so I’m going to ask, are you single? Remember I might be dying so if you’re not, you could lie.

When Jo responds, saying “I’m single,” Sam said, “Great! Now, I have something to live for.”

Speaking of the scene with Camilla, Sam said it “was so fun, because it was almost as if, going into surgery, Sam is in a mindset of: “Here I go. I’m going to jump off this mountain, spread my wings, and hopefully survive this.”

Page added that his character was “cavalier in that moment too, but there’s some real fear.”

Jo meeting Sam comes at a time when she and Link (Chris Carmack) continue in their relationship gray zone. In fact, in recent episodes, while the pair grows closer, Link is still struggling to find the right moment to tell Jo he thinks of her as more than just a friend.

Sam Page and the new interns

Grey's Anatomy new residents
New interns in Grey’s Anatomy [Image SpoilerTV/YouTube]

While Page is new to Grey’s Anatomy, he did speak about how the latest interns bring fresh energy to the set of the medical drama. In fact, he was surprised there wasn’t the feeling of being there at the end of the run of a show. He added that it was “quite the opposite feeling. He told People:

It really felt with the way the narratives of the storyline of the show are kind of being bolstered by this crop of young interns, Adelaide, Alexis [Floyd], Midori [Francis], Harry [Shum Jr.], and Niko [Terho], and it really had much more of a feeling of a beginning of something.

While fans have a sense of déjà vu this season, looking back at how the show started, Sam said it was hard to explain. However, he added that it has an energy of maybe a rebirth. He then went on to say that he heard from other longer-term cast members who were having a lot of fun. In fact, the arrival of these new, young characters and their big storylines has given a “great energy to the show.” He added:

I wasn’t there before that, so I wouldn’t know what that was like, but there’s an extraordinary sense of excitement on set at all times, which is something you kind of don’t expect in the 420th episode of a show.

Read more of the interview with Sam Page on People’s website.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC on Thursdays at 8 pm ET.

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