Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Adds Sam Page In A Recurring Role

The Bold Type star Sam Page joins Grey's Anatomy
Sam Page joins Grey’s Anatomy [Image Hallmark Channel on YouTube]

The Bold Type alum, Sam Page, is joining Grey’s Anatomy in a recurring role as a patient just as season 19 draws to a close.

Good news for fans of The Bold Type, as alum Sam Page is about to join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in a recurring role. The actor, who has also starred in Hallmark movies, plays the role of Sam Sutton. Read on to find out more about this new character, joining Grey’s just as two major actors depart.

Sam Page of The Bold Type joins Grey’s Anatomy

Variety describes Page’s character, Sam Sutton, as “an Air Force pilot who is seriously injured in a base-jumping accident.” He is described as a patient, coping with trauma, while somehow keeping his sense of humor and charm.

Sam Page of The Bold Type and Hallmark movies joins Grey's Anatomy in a recurring role
Sam Page [Image Hallmark Channel on YouTube]

Meanwhile, Page is set to premiere in the May 4 episode, Come Fly With Me. However, that episode is set to be dramatic, as Link (Chris Carmack) struggles with his own self-doubt while prepping for a massive surgery. It is quite possible that his patient is Sam Sutton.

Fans will remember that Link lost a patient earlier in the season, but it sounds like Sam’s operation succeeds, as there are hints of him charming one of the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial. As fans know so well, this happens all the time in Grey’s Anatomy. However, which one, as there aren’t that many who are single right now? However, if Sam is Link’s patient, maybe he could become Jo’s (Camilla Luddington) new love interest.

Joining ahead of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 finale

Kelly McCreary and Ellen Pompeo
Kelly McCreary and Ellen Pompeo both leave Grey’s Anatomy [Image @seekellymccreary/Instagram]

Meanwhile, the former Hallmark actor debuts in the hospital drama ahead of the two-hour season 19 finale on May 18. However, we already know that Grey’s Anatomy will return for season 20, albeit without Ellen Pompeo and Kelly McCreary.

In fact, McCreary’s character, Dr. Maggie Pierce plays the role one last time in the April 13 episode. However, Ellen Pompeo returns as Dr. Meredith Grey in the finale episode, making fans hope she will finally be back on the show in season 20.

Meanwhile, there is one other significant change as Krista Vernoff leaves, while Meg Marinis will take over as the new showrunner. Hopefully, this will make no major changes in the popular series, after Vernoff has been with the show for so long.

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