Royal Family News: Why Did Kate Middleton Look So Miserable On St. Patrick’s Day?

Royal Family News: Why Did Kate Middleton Look So Miserable On St. Patrick’s Day?Apparently, it’s all about her new vibe. While Kate Middleton might have looked like she wanted to be anywhere but at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in London this past week, that wasn’t exactly the case. Sure, many royal fans and critics alike couldn’t help but notice how supposedly miserable Prince William’s wife looked, but one body language expert said that she was actually feeling very proud to be there. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Why Did Kate Middleton Look So Miserable On St. Patrick’s Day?

Kate Middleton wasn’t unhappy. Instead, she was feeling pretty powerful. According to body language expert Judi James, she says that Kate Middleton wasn’t necessarily trying to look miserable. Instead, she looked ‘powerful’ with her glaring stare, if that makes sense.

She put it this way, “There’s some interesting power play signals here as William hands over to his wife, describing her as ‘Colonel Catherine.’ After some signature signals of affection and fun between the couple during this outing, it’s interesting to see the dramatic change as Kate adopts a more serious look. She stands fully to attention as she fixes William with what looks like a seriously cold, hard stare. The look shows how seriously Kate is taking her new role.”

Royal Family News: William And Kate Are Focusing On Their Jobs

The expert added that the Princess of Wales was simply trying to look more military rather than royal here. She continued that Kate’s “body language is immaculate here and military, rather than royal” and William’s response to her stare is “a very puckered-looking smile to suggest pride.”

If it seems like both William and Kate are trying to look more serious during their royal engagements and public appearances, it’s because they are. After everything they’ve gone through with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle throwing them under the bus, there’s no doubt that the Prince and Princess of Wales is now trying to focus more on their jobs – and nothing else. They’d rather do that then pay attention to any of the drama coming out of Montecito.

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