Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Wants To Hit Virginia Giuffre With A Defamation Lawsuit

Royal Family News: Prince Andrew Wants To Hit Virginia Giuffre With A Defamation LawsuitBritish Royal Family News says that despite everything that has been said and done at this point, it seems like Prince Andrew is still maintaining his innocence. In fact, there’s a new report that says the Duke of York wants to hit his sex assault accuser Virginia Giuffre with a $100 million dollar defamation lawsuit, despite paying her out in the millions last year. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – Prince Andrew Wants To Hit Virginia Giuffre With A Defamation Lawsuit

One source close to the situation says that Andrew is ready to “go on the attack” as he wants to clear his name from any wrongdoing, especially if Virginia repeats her sex allegations in her upcoming book.

“The minute she writes anything that repeats the original claims against him she will be hit with a $100million (£81 million) defamation lawsuit,” a source claimed. “Andrew is ready to go on the attack. Then her claims will be put under scrutiny in a court of law.”

Needless to say, many royal critics sure did have a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some comments included, “DISCOVERY is going to backfire on Andrew! A defamation suit is going to require that he be disposed UNDER OATH. Discovery will allow her attorneys to requests any records they want,” along with, “His arrogance will be his down fall just like the interview – he thinks because he is royal he is beyond reproach. Like you said, if he wanted court scrutiny, why did he settle the earlier claim and agreed to an only temporary gag order?”

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Another critic wrote, “Virginia has repeatedly said in legal depositions and Sworn Affidavits that she was trafficked to Andrew and sexually abused by him. Meanwhile, Andrew decided to settle the moment the Judge scheduled a Deposition, requiring him to be cross-examined under oath! Raped an underage girl, now wants to play the victim. Shame on the shameless media in the UK pumping him up.”

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