Jinger Vuolo Will Not Encourage Courtship With Her Daughters

Duggar FamilyDuggar Family News reveals that Jinger Vuolo has opened up more in her book about the act of courting. Her family forced her to find her husband, Jeremy Vuolo in that way instead of typical dating. There are many guidelines that she had to follow that she felt weren’t really for her, but she wanted to follow her parents’ orders at that time. In fact, she feels that her children will not be persuaded to have a courtship because she feels that there are many other ways to find love.

Duggar Family  – Jinger’s Daughters

Jinger and Jeremy have two daughters, Felicity and Evangeline. She wrote her book, “I think that the Bible’s clear about what purity is before marriage, but as far as the specifics, it’s not nailed down. We were taught you can’t go on a date with someone without a chaperone. You know, you can’t kiss before you’re married, you can’t hold hands, like, all the rules. But I don’t see that in the word of God.”

She also shared that her parents were very focused on the “purity culture”, but she thinks that it has shifted quite a bit since she was a child. She began her courtship with Jeremy in 2016. They married just a few months after the courtship began, which is generally quick for the Duggars. She wants her daughters to be able to meet their spouses in any way that they can. She hasn’t started to talk to them about courting and it seems that she and Jeremy want them to be able to date around to find the perfect person for them.

Duggar Family  – Courting And The Bible

Jinger went on to say, “I want to equip them for life and give them the best possible lives that I can and point them to the word of God. And then, at the end of the day, I think that they will grow and mature. I don’t think that courtship is a word we’re gonna use with them at all because I don’t think that that’s the only way to find a spouse- or the best way- at all.”

Courting isn’t the only thing that she addresses in her book. She touches a lot on her religion and how she was made to feel as a child. She lived a life in fear. She even hinted that she grew up in a cult-like religion. She has said that Jeremy has been a big help with her thinking outside the box and teaching their children the word of God, but not the IBLP. Fans can now purchase her book.

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