Queen Camilla And Princess Anne Built A Strong Rapport Over The Years, Says Expert

Editorial: Members of the Public and British Roayalty. HRH Prince Charles & Camilla Duchess of Cambridge, Fowey, Cornwall, 16/07/2018. TRH’s are greeted by a thronging crowd in Cornwalls Fowey.

Royal family news and updates tease that Queen Camilla and Princess Anne have gone closer over the years. A royal expert claimed that they share a strong relationship despite their history.

Royal expert Judi James says Princess Anne and Queen Camilla have a good relationship despite their past. Reports say that Princess Anne dated Andrew Parker Bowles, Queen Camilla’s ex-husband before they were married. The latter also serves as the godfather of Zara Tindall, the daughter of Princess Anne.

Anne And Camilla’s Shared History

“These two women share history, with Anne once rumored to be in a relationship with Camilla’s husband,” James shared.

“This makes the whole Charles/Camilla/Anne/Andrew Parker Bowles dynamic rather racy, and the relationships between each of the four people involved a possible minefield,” she continued.

James added that Anne is still friends with Andrew while Camilla ended up marrying the prince who became the king. Both women share a few things in common, some of which may cause rifts and resentments. They could have clashed over status but instead, they managed to form good relationships.

Camilla’s status as the mistress went away and she became the queen consort. Princess Anne could have resented her for it and continued to see her as the other woman. But the opposite happened.

Anne And Camilla’s Body Language

They spend time together and have grown closer over the years. It seems like their relationship is real and not for show. If they were just putting on the show, then spending a few minutes talking would have been enough.
However, their body language indicates that they are good friends and they enjoy each other’s company.

They both love horses, not to mention, their taste in men. Camilla looks very relaxed whenever Anne is around, which suggests that the latter may be her protector and supporter.

“But even before this the women’s greeting and chatting rituals have suggested friendship and, as well as some mirrored poses and even outfits, Anne can be seen bending quite low to plant a kiss of hello on Camilla’s cheek, while holding her hand out with the palm pointing up to clasp Camilla’s wrist and hand to prolong the touch while doing so,” James noted.

Camilla acts more relaxed nowadays, maybe because she’s going to become the Queen Consort. She also remained calm, composed, and dignified despite the media attacks on her, Angela Levin wrote in her book, Camilla: From Outsider to Queen Consort.

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