Prince Harry Was “Uneasy” And “Clowning Around” During Polo Match Against Pal Nachos, Body Language Expert Claims

According to a body language expert, Harry was far from being his old self during recent appearance at a Polo Match in Singapore.

The expert came to this conclusion after studying a clip of Harry at the event six years ago and comparing it to his latest appearance.

Prince Harry Reportedly Navigating Life Without “Full Royal Treatment”

When Judi James analysed Harry’s body language at the Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup in June 2017, which took place prior to his marriage to Meghan Markle, she noted that Harry carried a royal air, even though his expressions were caring and concerned.

Prince Harry Was “Uneasy” And “Clowning Around” During Polo Match Against Pal Nachos, Body Language Expert Claims

Judi James told The Mirror: “A lot has happened in Harry’s life during the six years between these appearances at the Singapore polo tournament and it has had a powerful impact on his body language.”

“Harry is very much his mother’s son, mimicking Diana’s charisma as he goes on a hosted tour. His bearing is royal but his gestures and eye expressions are deeply caring and concerned” she added: “Like his mother, he looks aware that his presence alone can make a difference but also that the display of tenderness will steer others towards the charity.”

Harry Appeared To Be Struggling Without The “Full Royal Treatment.”

However, comparing it with his recent appearance at the same tournament, Judi said Harry appeared to be struggling without the “full royal treatment.”

Judi said: “He seems to be treated like an equal now and he also appears to have to vie for the kind of high levels of attention he is used to by playing pranks. He looks so happy to be back in the more macho world of slapping high fives and handshakes, although also rather uneasy at the less synchronised choreography.”

Judi pointed out that Harry was unsure of what to do at certain times he dithered, which is something she believes “doesn’t tend to happen when you’re a royal.”

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