Prince Harry Warned He Might Feel Jealous of Meghan Markle’s Celebrity Status

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently attended Kevin Costner‘s fundraiser alongside a host of celebs – I’m talking Oprah Winfrey and Maroon 5 – and while the couple looked perfectly happy to be there supporting a good cause, it also gave fans an insight into how Harry is handling his semi-new celebrity lifestyle.

While Meghan, no doubt, was in her element, Harry seemed a bit off and needed cues from Meghan to function.

Yes we all know that Harry has been in the spotlight since he was born, but you will agree that attending functions with so much star power is not really his area of expertise.

Prince Harry’s “Panicked” and “Confused” Appearance At Kevin Costner’s Fundraiser Deemed A Sign of “Jealousy”

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Harry is jealous of his wife, but relationship and body language expert Sally Barker would.

Prince Harry Warned He Might Feel Jealous of Meghan Markle's Celebrity Status

Almost as immediately as Costner’s fundraiser event concluded, multiple videos showing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex surfaced online. Through the videos made by attendees, fans quickly noted that Harry looked “confused and awkward” as the event’s proceedings went on.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Working On the Body’s Sally Baker commented that it’s “understandable that Harry may struggle as his wife Meghan gains greater fame and influence than him,” adding that the reversal of ‘traditional’ gender roles might “challenge his identity and self-worth.”

However, this does not spell danger for the couple, depending on how Harry pulls through. “He may feel insecure, jealous or even threatened by her success.

However, with self-reflection and maturity, he can adapt to the changing dynamics in a healthy way,” she said.

Sally advised that to achieve this, a man has to “separate his own ego from the equation and tap into his love and admiration for his talented wife.”

She went on to note that it’s worth remembering that Meghan’s achievements “do not diminish his talents or successes,” adding that “there is room for both of them to shine.”

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