My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Why Did Whitney Way Thore Tell Fan To F**k OFf?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers reveal that fans were shocked to see that Whitney Way Thore wasn’t backing down to the haters on social media. In fact, there was one fan that got her so mad that she told them to ‘f**k off’. Of course, the news spread very quickly on Reddit and the post was shared. These Redditors were pretty shocked at what they saw. Let’s find out how they reacted.

Whitney Way Thore – Gets Hate

Ever since the new trailer for the new season of MBFFL premiered, fans of the show have sworn off watching.

They feel as if Whitney and her family are exploiting her mother’s name by showing filmed footage of her funeral this past year.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers: Why Did Whitney Way Thore Tell Fan To F**k OFf?There are fans who feel that this is in poor taste and they have not held back sharing their feelings with Whitney and her family.

It all started when Whitney shared a video on her Instagram Stories with her fans. One fan wrote to her, “Horrible that your late mother did not allow your father to have a relationship with his daughter.”

This fan was more than likely talking about the secret sister that Whitney keeps claiming that she found out about very recently.

Whitney replied back to her, “Sylvia, honestly, f**k off. You know that you have no idea what you’re talking about, yet you choose to write something that insults my dead mother. My father did not have any idea who or where his daughter was until November 2022. My mother had nothing to do with it.”

Redditors React

When this post went up, there were plenty of Redditors who had a lot to share with one another about Whitney’s words.

There were others who still claim that this sister is actually a brother and that TLC more than likely hired an actress to play her sister.

Her face has been blurred out everywhere, so this has led fans of the show to assume she is fake much like Whitney’s French boyfriend.

One Redditor added, “She’s going to use Bab’s death as an excuse for everything. Evvvvverything. Forever.” A final one wrote, “She’s such an idiot to engage with people like this. Why does she bother? Methinks there’s a whole lot more to this sordid story, and she’s trying to do damage control ahead of time. And we’ll never learn the true story anyway. But again, if you’re going to put your whole silly, empty life out there for public consumption, you’d better expect that not everyone’s going to love it. She really hates losing the narrative, which is why i don’t understand why she even engages this way. She’s a loser, and she’s a liar. She sure has honed the outraged, self-righteous victim mentality to a T, though.”

We will have to stay tuned to My Big Fat Fabulous Life to see what happens next with Whitney and this secret sibling.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with My Big Fat Fabulous Life right now. Come back here often for My Big Fat Fabulous Life spoilers, news, and updates.

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