MBFFL Fans Respond To Whitney Way Thore – Paid Live Content

Whitney Way Thore seems to find a lot of haters as Season 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life progresses so could that be why she started the subscription paid content option? She first shared about people being able to pay b$4.99 for discussions, lives, and Q&As a few days ago. And now, on social media, people discuss it.

Whitney Way Thore – Avoids Haters On Social Media?

People grew tired of the TLC star always hunting for a man. In fact, they thought that she lied about dating the French tutor a few seasons back. Plus, the TLC star irritated others when she revealed her poor mom, Babs looking so ill in Season 10. For some people, it seems that it took away her mom’s dignity by putting her on national TV. Of course, televising the funeral worked viewers up to new heights of rage.

Whitney Way Thore also finds skeptics who think that her half-sister Angie might be a made-up story for the show. Actually, it seems to make her furious that people question it. When one follower talked about the rumor that Babs didn’t let her dad, Glenn have anything to do with Angie, she flipped out and cussed the fan out. So, some people think she started a paid content subscription so only people who love her will see what she’s doing.

MBFFL: Fans Respond To Whitney Way Thore - Paid Live ContentWhitney Way Thore – Does Paid Content Live

It seems that only die-hard devotees might have enjoyed watching the live stream. On Reddit, some of the content was explained to others in the r/MyBigFatFabulousLife subreddit. There seems to always be someone to take it for the team and many livestream conversations make it to the platform anyway. U/Desperate-Raccoon-50 summed it up.

TLC Whitney
TLC / YouTube

Whitney Way Thore, according to the poster, got Glenn on it for a bit as well. Additionally, they wrote, “[Whitney was] braying like a donkey. She also mentioned that Hunter is living in Glen and Babs house but called it “my house” before clarifying it was Glen’s.”

Other startling information included the fact that “Todd’s job is an animal sitter….lives with Twit but she doesn’t charge him rent because he takes care of Goosie.” What else? Well, she’s “she’s leaving the country again ‘for awhile.”‘

TLC – Fans React

Whitney Way Thore reportedly also told a follower to “go to hell” after they “mentioned her weight and claims since season 1 she’s lost 100lbs.” And, it seems there was something about BS Active.

Talking about her weight, a follower on Reddit asked if she is “claiming to be 280 lbs?” However, it seems she never got around to mentioning “an actual number.” 

MBFFL Fans Respond To Whitney Way Thore - Paid Live Content
r/MyBigFatFabulousLife / Reddit

One person who watched it talked about the exclusive content covered. They said:

Sorry, don’t care about your hair tattoo, body tattoos, your armpit smelling, your makeup assistant smelling your armpit…pretty much just a pathetic attempt to get more subscribers to pay for her content. Not to mention the way she rolled her eyes and sounded so disgusted that they were only charging $4.99/mo…”

Meanwhile, Others doubt that the MBFFL star will stick with it. After all, she sometimes starts new things but then drops them.  t

Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are about the content that paying subscribers have reportedly experienced.

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