Love After Lockup Spoilers: Hayley Cole Is Pregnant, But Who Is The Father?

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that Hayley Cole recently announced that she is expecting twins. The big question about this announcement is who is the father of her children. Back in October, Hayley had made some hints that she may be pregnant, but she never answered her fans’ questions until now. She already has one child, Hendrix, who is eight years old. Now it looks as if she is about to have twins.

Love After Lockup Spoilers – Hayley Cole’s Big Announcement

Just this week, Hayley shared photos of a sonogram and she wrote, “Future mom to two.” She let her fans know that she is expecting twins now!

She then added, “Please pray for me. God has blessed me with twins.” As soon as her fans saw this post, they were very confused about who the father was.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Hayley Cole Is Pregnant, But Who Is The Father?Hayley has been dating a new man, Tyler. He actually shared a message to her in the comments section of her post. He wrote, “We got this babygirl. This is so wild most definetly shocked. We got this, we gonna do great!”

Hayley got a lot of positive comments about the pregnancy, but it turns out that there were some fans that were quick to ask about the father.

Love After Lockup Spoilers – When Is She Due?

As of right now, Hayley hasn’t given a due date for her new babies. The sonogram looked to be around seven weeks, so that could put her due date in July of 2024. No matter when she is due, her love life has been a little crazy the past year or so.

She was dating a woman back in November of 2022 and proclaimed just how happy she was. That was up until May of this year.

That was when the photos of her girlfriend disappeared and she started sharing picture siwth her ex, Dalton Edgin, who she was seen with on Love After Lockup. They were together for about two months and then he was arrested for domestic assault back in August.

That was when she told her fans that she was going to just focus on her son and stay single. It is clear that she moved on to someone new because the twins are coming soon!

From what fans have gathered, Hayley and Tyler got together just about two months after Dalton was arrested. She moved on very quickly!

Right now, it is assumed that Tyler is the father, but she could have gotten pregnant with Dalton before his arrest. Only time will tell who’s kids they really are.

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