Little People Big World: Tori Discovers Home Ownership Downside

Tori RoloffLittle People Big World (LPBW) fans were surprised when Zach and Tori Roloff suddenly left Oregon and relocated to Washington. Soon it was revealed that they purchased a large property in Battle Ground, Washington. The four-bedroomed home came with a wood-burning fireplace and that is the best news for them right now as their heating gave out.

Little People Big World – New Home New Expenses

The move to Washington came after Matt Roloff refused to sell a portion of the land to his son, Zach. Recall in a very toxic season, it all played out for TLC viewers. Remember how Jackson broke the news to Caryn Chandler and Matt that they were leaving? The couple got a lot of hate for that. Anyway, it was their first move onto their own property and they discovered there are downsides to property ownership.

Little People Big World fans might think that it’s about time that Zach realized that not everything is a free ride. In fact, a lot of fans complained about him and accused him of being lazy. As Matt proved, owning property is one thing, but making it financially viable, is another thing altogether. This week, Tori told her fans a tale of woe about the heating in their home, and how it cost them money.

Little People Big World – Money Burns Away – Tori Roloff

The home that Zach and Tori bought is just five years old. Tori told her fans about that in her Instagram Stories on April 6. Apparently, something went wrong with their heating system and it won’t go beyond 60 degrees. Well, that might seem okay, but as she explained, the large home seems to take a lot of heating. So, it “feels cold.” Fortunately, they have the fireplace backup which quickly pushed the temperature up to 70.

Little People Big World Tori Discovers Home Ownership Downside
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans heard that the company that supplied the heating system went under. Furthermore, their “warranty” only covers “parts.”  Reflecting on the alternatives she noted that so far, in just a  few days, the heating problem cost them about $200. Notably, she said sarcastically, “home ownership is super fun.”

Little People Big World – What is Zach Doing With The Property?

Little People Big World fans are not exactly sure what Zach plans with the land. They have seen him fixing things up and he built a chicken house. At the moment, he seems to be building a shop. In time, hopefully, they get to the place where they get some financial return from their investment. After all, rumors that the LPBW show might end come thick and fast.

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SOURCES: Tori Roloff On Instagram

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